About Life Natural Marketplace Rozelle

About Life Natural Marketplace Rozelle

Posted 2014-04-19 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Delicious green chia parfait

It's all so appropriate. Rozelle (if you're not familiar with this area, is an Inner Western suburb of Sydney) is easily dubbed as the organic food capital of Sydney. Rozelle is the right area for About Life to set up their first natural organic foods supermarket - About Life Natural Marketplace . Bondi Junction and now Cammeray have caught the on to how amazing their food and drinks really are.

It feels a little like Thomas Dux Grocers in here, but with a little more class and fairly affordable prices to boot. Additionally, there is an in house cafe that is rather cosy (but noisy) perching out onto a brief glimpse of nature.

The hydration station home to some yummy raw organic juices

Walk in, and I am always captivated and interested in their hydration station. Their hydration station comprises of a choice of three different organic juices. I've had the green one before - just divine. For the life of me I cannot remember the flavours or the prices, yet they're thirst quenchers.

Love the fresh produce, as well as the organic chips you can sample here. The range of antipasto delicacies at the back of this supermarket are beautiful too. Their organic lasagne is just scrumptious.

I came in here recently to buy three small organic, chemical free gala apples ($2.60) that are ever so juicy. Way better than those you buy at any of the large supermarket chains. Although rather expensive in retrospect, these pieces of fruit satisfied me, and I was not left hungry when I downed them for breakfast the next day. Plus they're chemical and pesticide free too. Great money to spend on such fruits. Raw fruit in the morning only is just so cleansing.

Chemical free organic apples. Amen.

I would loved to have spent more time here, yet I had to move on as I was due to catch up with friends. Organic lollipops (75 cents) are also a worthy treat to suck on. Tried the strawberry - fairly good.

The raw parfaits caught my attention. There were only a few left - a sure tell tale sign they must be good. You can buy small servings of them for around $5.20 each. That's right, avocado and berry cheesecake is on the menu, and so is a healthy organic tiramisu. Organic jelly ($3.95) in the colour red is also available here.

I wanted something more after a hearty chai latte upon my second return visit to this natural supermarket in the same day. I was so close to going for the large berry and cacao parfait ($7.90), but instead went for a large green chia parfait ($7.90) with fresh chia seeds and mango coulis.

Fresh organic produce lives here

There was some mango coulis at the bottom, and a little amount at the top in retrospect. Some coconut flakes were immersed in, and blended in beautifully with the mango coulis on top. Some organic rice treats were in, but the green chia in the middle was a hit. It was like a raw detox spirulina smoothie, but no blandness.

This was intended to be a healthy dessert snack alternative, not intended to fill me up. I took the lid off, and walked with it down Darling Street. I did not want to rush this in order to get on the bus to head back into the city, and to then head home from there. Instead, my boots (and I) earned a great walk. Before I knew it I found myself in Lilyfield - the next suburb, and I was only about a third of the way through this unexpectedly filling and delicious treat. My walk progressed to Annandale, where I finally finished this treat. I had so much energy to walk from Annandale via Newtown to Central train station to catch the train home from there, it was just awesome. Definitely a good Friday experience on a Good Friday.

I love it here

Must I say, the checkout staff are also friendly. If you love healthy and/or organic food, I highly recommend this establishment - even if you don't live in Rozelle.

A glimpse of the shop front

Rating: 10/10

Where: 609 Darling Street Rozelle NSW.
Why: Organic chemical free apples, and for the green chia parfaits.
Cost: Total spend on the above treats came to $10.50.
When: When in the area, and you're in the mood to enjoy clean, healthy eating.

Good for kids: More for the adults, yet I think their healthy treats are great for kids too.
Take away: Yes and Yes



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