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My delicious rose infused chocolatea

Adore Tea , such an appropriately fitting name for this tea establishment on level 5 at Westfield in Chatswood. The colourful bright green patterned take away cups, with the same coloured handle to match atop a coffee machine caught my eye from the direction I was heading from.

Golden green take away tea cups

This place is a tea shop meets take away tea pit stop. Sorry, for those who want to sit down - you're unlucky. Loved the elegant tea pots, and the multiple packets of tea infusions. You can even pick up what is known as a tea passport, a leaflet shaped like a passport that lists an abundance of different teas they brew, serve and sell you here.

I dare you, take a walk on the wild side.

Wow, I could not believe that this business has been around for two years, and I have always passed it without knowing it existed until now. The cold weather in Sydney (as at the time of writing this) might have forced me to stop by. Speaking of which, and albeit unusual in that regard, I originally wanted a cold/iced tea, however the hot won over. You can also buy canvas prints with keep calm and drink tea written in that common theme.

Elegant tea sets available to buy here too

You have to be a tea connoisseur to work at this place, and Sally was definitely that person. Ever so friendly. There is some tea to try, similar to the likes of T2. The china rose chocolatea ($4.50) caught my attention. Loved the free tasting. Sally told me about the tea, and I was in the mood for a hot chocolate anyway, considering that San Churro's is nearby. Such a positive vibe here. Tried two sips of this particular chocolatea blend, and I was sold. I loved the rose infused flavour. With the free sample, the chocolate hit me first, and then the tea. With the actual purchase, the chocolate and rose flavours blended in nicely.

The free chocolatea rose infused sample

Loved it how Sally lit another tea light to keep the hot tastings warm. After tasting a hot tea, I was not in the mood for cold. I walked around the shopping centre for a good 20 minutes afterwards, and the tea lasted me (and still warm, impressive) until the train back into the city departed Chatswood train station.

[iMAGE6 A glimpse of that keep calm artwork]

Awesome service, and great value for money. If you love your tea, make a worthy trip to Chatswood. You'll be glad you did.

Other tea samples available in abundance.

Rating: 9.5/10

Brewing my tea

Where: Shop K507, 1 Anderson Street Chatswood NSW.
Why: For their chocolatea range, and for all types of tea.
Cost: Only $4.50 to brew, plus you get to choose what milk you'd like. I chose skim milk.
When: On a wet, cold Sunday afternoon. Or if you're in the mood to enjoy and appreciate tea.

Comes with a handy holder too, of which is sticky taped to the cup.

Good for kids: No
Take away: 100% designed that way.

Yum. Proud to be a chocolate tea goddess and guinea pig.



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