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The macaron flavours chosen

Adriano Zumbo, famous for his sweet treats including the macarons, has just opened up another patisserie. Thanks to numerous MasterChef appearances in particular, this dessert chef acclaimed fame from a tiny patisserie in Darling Street Balmain, to quickly expanding in other areas of Sydney. In addition to having his own dessert train at The Star; right on lunchtime on Wednesday the 26th of March 2014, another Adriano Zumbo patisserie opened inside Sydney's Queen Victoria Building at Street Level.

Newbies to try

Wow wee, what a celebration. Macaron lovers will be in for a real sweet treat. If you also love his quirky, arty and sweet as hell cakes, you'll also be in for a real treat as well. Macaron lovers will be spoilt for choice, considering that Parisi isn't too far away either. Needless to say, the macaron and sweets master himself has some sweet, flavoursome macarons up for the taking. $2.50 each seems to be impressive value. Forgive me, I've been out of touch with the costs of macarons elsewhere, however, for Zumbo's ones I think this price is insane.

Give me more

Cash is the only form of payment accepted for orders/purchases under $10. For orders that amount to $10 exactly or higher, then you can whip out the sweet plastic and PayPass that way.

The other side towards Sydney Town Hall

The macarons here come in a tiny white box with reference to zumbarons instead of macarons. Two can easily fit each little pack.

Larger cakes available too

This was perfect as I headed to the cinemas not long thereafter to catch a movie. This was on a Wednesday afternoon, and literally this foodie paradise was only two hours old. The signage is not clear, yet people are appearing with their cameras already, taken back by the beautifully (and simply) presented treats - not to mention the purple paraphernalia.

Yum again

While waiting for the designed movie to air, I got stuck into the Banana macaron. That real sweet banana taste ensured, way better than a banana split. The creamy centre is so filling, and yes to the point where I was literally full already. Next, it was time to move from yellow to green for a Mojito hit. This one was incredibly sweet, and so tasted like the drink itself; yet I don't think there was any alcohol in that one either.

Some more classics

A little later, I went for the more girly macaron flavours. The Fingerbun macaron was different. The filling had an abundance of real coconut flakes, and there were a few little raisins in there too. Way better than the actual baked variety. That left the Berry Brulee (my original choice). The creaminess of the brulee dessert left a soft feel on the palate. The latter is a cool dessert in itself. Move over creme brulee.

Opulence and joy

It was all wonderful, and we're in for a few little heavenly treats in the city from now on. Such great value too.

Books available here too

Rating: 9.5/10

Where: Queen Victoria Building, street level, 455 George Street Sydney NSW.
Why: Macarons baby.
Cost: $2.50 each.
When: During QVB store trading hours. A perfect afternoon treat too.

My purchases

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes

These cute little boxes fit two macarons



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