Baked Patisserie Kirrawee

Baked Patisserie Kirrawee

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I have been itching to visit The Baked Patisserie in Kirrawee for some time. My sister buys her cakes there, and they are always delicious. I follow the store on Facebook, and they when they send out pictures of their latest Cronuts; I want to drop what I’m doing and get to Kirrawee on the double.

Not much room inside for sitdown customers

Finally, I got the opportunity. My first impression was that it was a lot smaller than what I had imagined. There is only one table, dining room size, if you want to have a coffee and cake while you’re there.

The display case was tiny, and they only had six cronuts on display under a glass dish. Nonetheless, I was ready to order.

Behind the scenes

Behind the counter is a larger area where they do their baking.

I got some macarons, a vanilla slice, a cheese and bacon thing; as well as some piece de resistance, some cronuts.

Best cronuts ever

Their interpretation of the cronut is one I like. It’s round with a small hole in the centre; it is also light and airy, yet somehow also hearty - probably from the filling. The outside is coated in cinnamon-sugar, giving the cronut its distinct doughnut side of the personality.

On the inside is a wonderful filling. I got a coconut mousse and mango one, as well as a vanilla and raspberry. They were both spectacular. So sweet, smooth, doughy and sugary. The fruit flavoured filling runs like a sauce, while the thick mousse adds some texture.

Lots of macarons

Their macarons are delicious

The macarons were also excellent, and come in interesting flavours, including popcorn which my kids loved. The caramelised vanilla slice was also quite sensational. It had a crispy caramel top, and was filled with lovely vanilla custard that was thick enough to stand on its own; but light and delicate enough to ooze when you put your teeth into it.

Too much temptation

The Baked Patisserie also has a stall at the Como Markets, which are on every second Sunday of the month. But you had better be quick. The cronuts sell out pretty fast.

If you’ve never tried a cronut, get one from this place. You’ll be hooked.

Rating: 10/10

Where: 1/10 Marshall Road Kirrawee NSW.
Why: Go for the cronuts, but don't stop at that.
Cost: Cronuts are $5 each
When: Monday to Saturday early till afternoon

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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