Bar Biscotti North Strathfield

Bar Biscotti North Strathfield

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Taking a walk alongside a busy street in North Strathfield, we walked past an array of restaurants and cafes, each offering a different cuisine. With plenty of options, one busy little café that caught our eye was Bar Biscotti.

Front view of the menu

The décor is definitely a stand out point, and what made us choose this place over the other places available. It was somewhat quaint, with fresh fruit and water offered at the front for customers to take as they like, and with paintings that embellish the walls. It felt very cosy and intimate, and I loved the casual ambience.

The menu

The menu was presented quite simply on a brown piece of paper, adding to the easy-going feel. The menu was organised well, meaning that everything was easy to locate.

Our drinks

Ordering drinks first, I chose the vanilla shake ($5.50). There was an overpowering taste of soy, and it was very sweet. My boyfriend had the mango smoothie ($4.50), and the taste of mango taste was very overwhelming as well. We left them both unfinished and opted for our table water instead. However, upon finding a bug in my glass of water, I just stopped drinking altogether.

Disappointing after such a long wait

After disappointing drinks, we hoped that our food would be better. I went straight for the ‘Clean Eaters’ section and decided on the Breakfast option ($12) that was described as two slices of soy quinoa served with avocado, and two poached eggs. It sounded delicious and having a big appetite, I couldn’t wait to try it, however I didn’t think that the very long wait time was reasonable for what we had ordered. With my dish arriving at my table, I couldn’t believe that after the wait time, I only had one slice of bread, despite the menu stating two slices. However, while I was annoyed at the wait time and from being misled from the menu; the avocado was fresh, and the poached eggs were nice and yolky. Still, I believe that this dish was overpriced greatly. I had had better and more, for much cheaper.

A bit too dry

My boyfriends Crispy Chicken ($15) burger contained chest, lettuce, tomato and house made chilli sauce. It came with a side of chips. The chicken was over cooked and hence too dry, and he tried to counteract that by adding more sauce to the burger. However, overall it tasted nice and was presented quite appealingly. After finishing my small meal before he was even halfway through his, I stole his chips that were cooked well, and they were enjoyable.

Lovely decor

The service that we experienced by the waitresses was good. The girls were nice and efficient, and were always friendly. Going to the counter to pay was a different experience though. With two of the staff members talking about their weekend to one customer, one of them had their backs turned towards us, and the other person behind the counter who had clearly seen us lining up. They completely ignored us and continued chatting merrily. Waiting there for a good five minutes before one of them even acknowledged us, we just wanted to get out of there.

Fresh fruit and water for customers to grab

The ambience is its standpoint point, and regrettably its highlight. After finding a bug in my drink, a long wait time for overpriced, small meals, and somewhat unsatisfactory service; it is fair to say that we will not be coming back, despite the promising crowd that drew us in in the first place.

Rating: 3/10

Where: 24 George St, North Strathfield NSW.
Why: A nice and cosy environment for family and friends
Cost: Our meal was $37
When: Monday to Friday 7am-5pm
Saturday 8am-11pm

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: No



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