Batch Burgers Espresso Kirribilli

Batch Burgers Espresso Kirribilli

Posted 2013-11-24 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Divine Cheese Burger and Strawberry Thickshake

A pretty small, yet super cool burger joint in the Milson's Point/Kirribilli area. Welcome to American diner Batch Burgers & Espresso . You feel so odd being in an opulent North Shore area, yet you fit in perfectly like a glove. Then again, you're only a short stroll down to the pier - overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay.

The American Diner feel ambience inside

On the politeness and the staff attentiveness care factor, you have this nailed. I sat down, and then realised I needed some smaller notes. Your lovely staff even directed me to the nearest ATM. Handy.

That better than expected presentation for my drink. Loved that glass.

You're a small place. Although it would have been nice to have sat outside in the gorgeous Sydney sun, I ended up perched at the diner (inside) area - as if I was being served at a real diner in America. That's right, the female wait staff were wearing white shirts with a red bow tie. A cool, retro meets modern ambience with a welcoming vibe. Loved sitting right opposite the coffee machine. On that, cafe society is another one of their hospitality talents. However, I came here to enjoy some traditional American fare.

Those comfy seats inside

It is easy to fall in love with this place. Loved the toy like tomato display, which in fact has real tomato sauce in it. Just like America - ketchup is available in droves, and so is the mustard.

As much ketchup and mustard as you want

I ordered promptly, and I utterly loved the Strawberry Thickshake ($7). The branded ceramic old-school milkman cup just won me over. I was super impressed. This is wow. Needless to say, the cow inside was super delicious and icy. It definitely filled the spot, and I was extremely content. Whenever I crave another drink like this, when in the city next - I'll gladly walk across the Harbour Bridge or catch the train for this milky fix. So worth it, and awesome value for money. Also loved it how the staff also handed me a jug and a glass of complimentary water, without me having to ask for some. Top scores for accurate mind reading here. You'll get thirsty.

Delicious Cheese Burger

My drink blended in nicely with my Cheese Burger ($11) with onion, pickles and cheese with American mustard and ketchup on a seeded brioche bun. The brioche bun was not overly sweet, yet was packed with fresh flavours. My beef patty was well cooked, and loved it how the cheese melted in nicely. Loved that the ketchup and mustard were not mixed together. The ketchup was atop the heel, while the mustard was the icing on the fillings. The onions were not overpowering either. All flavours blended in beautifully.

All the tools so to speak

Do not be fooled by the size of this burger. This burger packs some punch, and will fill you up - especially with a thick, milky drink that does not leave you bloated afterwards. This is where some water comes in handy.

Yum. The onions werent overpowering either.

I was served quickly, and the bill payment process was quick and easy. Guys, this is a cash only establishment.

Love it, and I left feeling satisfied. Just be careful to not roll down the hill if you wish to admire the waterfront afterwards.

Awesome experience

Rating: 10/10

Where: Batch Burgers & Espresso - Broughton St Kirribilli.
Why: The awesome thick shakes in a cool glass, as well as for their Cheese Burger.
Cost: My bill came to $18. Worth every penny.
When: Sunday lunch time.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Not sure



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