Beach Buns Sans Souci

Beach Buns Sans Souci

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Over the last few years our good friend the humble burger has undergone somewhat of a transformation. The greasy, lifeless, soggy bun-ed concoctions you'd grab from the corner milk bar are gone, replaced, thankfully, with specialty burger bars that focus on providing delicious food, stuffed with quality ingredients.

[Image4 Way better than that soggy stuff that comes wrapped in paper.]
The recently opened Beach Buns, in the southern suburb of Sans Souci is one such place.

Offering a small, but well formed menu of burgers, chips, milkshakes, gelato and organic cold press juices (cause you know, the best way to cancel out those fried beer battered chip calories is with a kale and pineapple juice), Beach Buns have successfully combined classic flavours with quality produce, which makes for a really tasty burger.

[Image2 The best way to get through life is not to take it too seriously.]
These gourmet burgers, which come in six flavour combinations and on your choice of one of four different buns (including brioche and mushroom), are all tender, juicy and delicious.

The Pacha Beach burger ($13.50) filled with grilled chicken, colby jack cheese, spicy mayo and salad is full of flavour. The chicken, which has been marinated in Portuguese spices, is tender and juicy, and the chipotle mayo, which you can have either mild or hot, adds a real kick.

[Image3 Burgers and fries - a classic.]
Likewise, the Dolls Beach burger ($13.50), filled with 100% grass fed lean beef, cheese, salad and a beetroot relish and herb mayo is equally as good. The grilled patty is packed with flavour and is well complemented by the homemade beetroot relish.

[Image1 The porky plate with beer battered chips, smoky barbequed pulled pork and cheese.*]
No burger is complete without chips, and at Beach Buns you've got a few options to pick from. Beer battered chips ($4.50), all golden and crispy are pretty great on their own, or add pulled pork and cheese to amp your chips up a notch (9.5). The sweet potato fries ($4.80) are the real showstopper though; thinly cut to avoid becoming a soggy mess, crispy outside, fluffy inside, and perfectly sweet and salty.

[Image5 Delicious, speedy, relaxed and friendly - everything you'd want from a burger bar.]
This is the kind of place where the 'no shirt, no shoes, no service' rule need not apply. The service here is friendly and laidback - perfect for the beachside locale, and the place itself, while small isn't lacking in character with its stripped back, raw styling. Beach Buns is licensed so when the weathers warm and the sun is bright you can chill with a cool drink, or grab yourself a scoop of the luscious Italian gelato - if you can still fit it in that is.

**Image courtesy [link Beach Buns Burgers]

Rating: 8/10

Where: Shop 3/31-33 Clareville Ave, Sans Souci, 2219.
Cost: From $4.50 - $13.50.
When: Open 11am - 8pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and till 9pm Friday/Saturday. Closed Tuesday.
Good for kids: Yes, there is a Little Beach burger available for kids that comes with chips and a juice ($10).
Take away: Yes.


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