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Blackflower Patisserie is heaven for anyone who loves modern Asian cakes, desserts and drinks. Situated across from Market City in Sydney's bustling Haymarket district, Blackflower Patisserie has quickly become a popular dessert cafe with its sleek, elegant ambience that still manages to retain a casual air.

Blackflower Patisseries beautifully presented cakes on display

Macaron tower

Vast range of cakes with modern Asian flavours

I came here with some friends on the Monday of the long weekend, and found that there were a few other customers also basking in the ambience. We found Blackflower Patisserie to be a lovely dessert cafe with cute decorations.

Sleek and trendy ambience

The black walls were decorated with painted art, and throughout the cafe there were also colourful macaron towers.

Cute and colourful decor contrasts with the black walls and tables

Blackflower operates like most other dessert cafes. You choose from the display of cakes and order at the cashier.

Macarons with Asian flavours

Although Blackflower specialises in cakes and pastries, they have a range of pizzas on offer for only $6, and there are also a wide range of drinks on the menu.

Blackflowers Tiramisu

I had ordered the Tiramisu, and I tried a little bit. There were some surprising elements that had been added, such as little bubbles that popped in your mouth with a fizzing sound, and the cute marshmallow mushroom at the top. Blackflower's tiramisu had been designed to look like earth, and it was extremely cute, just like all their other cakes, but I thought the taste was average. The coffee flavoured earth mixture had a strange texture, and the whole dessert tasted very different from traditional tiramisu.

Blackflowers Pizza Menu

Taro Latte

The Taro Latte ($4.00) consisted of taro flavouring and hot milk. It was presented very nicely, but my friend stated that it just tasted like hot milk without any taro flavour at all. I tried it and thought the same.

Good Egg by Blackflower Passionfruit Jelly, Vanilla Panna Cotta, Chocolate Mousse, Joconde Crispy Bacon.

Range of cakes on display

Envy Black sesame, matcha and white chocolate ganache.

I had a difficult time choosing what to have as everything looked so appealing. I finally decided on the Cheeseburger Macaron ($3.20) and the 'Envy' ($7.50). The 'Envy' is a layer cake consisting of matcha, black sesame and a white chocolate ganache. Matcha is the powder that makes up the green tea flavouring in any cake, ice cream or drink that says it has a green tea flavour. The 'Envy' cake had a strong green tea flavour with little sweetness, while the black sesame cream had a nutty flavour that worked well with the matcha. I found the hard top of the cake quite hard to crack and had to get my friend to help me with it. Overall, I enjoyed the taste of the cake and would recommend it for people who don't like overly sweet desserts.

Cheeseburger Macaron

The Cheeseburger Macaron ($3.20) is a novelty macaron designed to resemble a cheeseburger. I found it very creative and original in its design, but thought the taste was lacking that certain something. The Cheeseburger Macaron scored high for its aesthetic appeal. It was almost too cute to eat, but I ate it anyway. The taste didn't match up to its good looks though. The outside of the macaron was slightly hard and stale, and the inside was not at all creamy. It was a far cry from the excellent macarons I've had the opportunity to try in my life, and I was disappointed with the taste.

Blackflower Patisseries interesting art decor

It was really disappointing as I noticed that Blackflower had lots of macarons on display with very interesting Asian flavours, such as Green Tea, Black Sesame, Banana & Chocolate, and another novelty flavour known as 'Kung-Fu Panda.' I wouldn't bother trying any of the other macarons again, despite such appetising flavours.

Array of desserts by Blackflower

My overall verdict was that the cakes were just average, despite their aesthetic appeal. The cakes were beautifully presented, but the taste didn't match up to their appearance. I felt as if they were trying too hard to be innovative with their unusual mix of flavours, elements and combinations of old and new. In some cases a lot of those things could have worked really well, but the most basic things need to be mastered first.

That being said, the ambience at Blackflower Patisserie was a nice one in which to have a coffee and hang out with friends. I had enjoyed my 'Envy' cake, but didn't feel that it had been something excellent, but I would come back to try Blackstar's other offerings.

Rating: 7/10

Where: Shop 5, 37 Ultimo Road Haymarket NSW.
Why: Exquisitely presented modern Asian desserts and drinks.
Cost: Under $10 for a small cake or macaron
When: 9am-6pm seven days a week

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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