Brewtown Newtown Newtown

Brewtown Newtown Newtown

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That delicious veggie burger

From the guys that bring you Gnome at Surry Hills, now bring you Brewtown Newtown in none other than the fabulous Newtown as of the 6th of December 2013. They share a warehouse like space with the O'Connell Street Merchants upstairs. They sound so awesome, and therefore I'll definitely check them out on my next visit to this brewhouse of love.

Such a hip and happening ambience was enjoyed, yet it was still peaceful.

It is already a high vote of confidence when you walk inside a food establishment, and it is literally packed to the rafters. I kid you not. Needless to say, the staff were laid back (in other words not stressed out) yet their attitude to providing quality service was top notch.

So tempting...yes and lead us not into temptation...

You're not far from the hospital, and suddenly you head down one of Newtown's quiet streets. Just doing that, you're in the mood to unwind hook, line and sinker. Busy King Street is left alone for a bit. Really cool ambience, and really busy. Full table service is provided, yet their retro styled espresso machine with pizazz just hit the professional nail on the head. Love the name of this business in shining armour.

Cool and quirky decorations

This business is about two months old. Already a place to rave about. Their cakes are also divine, including the cronuts. I am going to try one of them next time.

That machine that makes the magic happen

The service was slick, and I sat at a communal table with two large bunches of flowers obstructing the outside view with ample natural light sneaking in. A chance to catch up with friends and somehow multitask (yes, thank you smartphone).

The iced coffee

Order, and in no time at all your items are delivered right to your table. I was given a glass of some (sparkling) water on the house, without even asking for some. Super service. At cafes you normally receive a standard clear glass, yet this was definitely sparkling water for free. I was not mistaken.

Tucking in

This establishment attracts the bohemian types, artists, leisurely business owners and students alike. A few hospital staff also came in wearing their blue medical scrubs too. You're in heaven if you're fortunate enough to be living in this area. I don't think you'd get sick of this place. Sure, you'd need to mix up the menu a bit to avoid a bit of foodie delusions. Enough of that, now to the good stuff...

So social too

To drink, I did not regret ordering an Iced Coffee ($3.50). This coffee was brewed to perfection using only the best roasted arabica coffee beans. Even better, I felt like I was consuming a fashionable latte, yet with the chill factor. Yes, real ice cubes in tiny little pieces. Loved it. I even saw one being served as it came time to pay the bill. It's beautiful, and took a while for me to consume. Way better than a standard latte. I'd have to say that this is the best cool coffee treat in Sydney.

Next time little guys, I promise.

The Veggie Burger ($12) with swiss cheese, beetroot relish and crunchy salad also arrived at my table in a speedy fashion with a smile. Opted for the salad straight away, and they're right, it was crunchy. The shredded cabbage was just right, and the veggie burger filled the spot with a brioche like bun. Loved the fresh patty inside. It would have to be hand made with love, with a few subtle chick pea flavours and a chunk of beetroot in between.

So relaxed here

Coolness. I also loved the little gnome in the middle of my saucer.

It was time to leave and move on unfortunately. Time to pay, and credit cards are most welcome. Their pay pass system takes a bit of getting used to.

So fresh

A content, lovely lunch with gratitude.

Oh cutesy. If i could buy a few and take them home, I would.

Rating: 10/10

Where: 6-8 O'Connell Street Newtown NSW
Why: One of Newtown's newest, pleasant and trendiest food joints.
Cost: My bill came to $15.50. That sparking water was a nice touch - a beautiful bonus.
When: Lunch please. Come as early as you can. Brunch would probably be more ideal.

Good for kids: No. The big kids will appreciate this place more.
Take away: Yes, absolutely. Yet there is a big fat but attached to this will feel like a waste. Eat in instead.



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