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The popular Magnum Pleasure Pop-up Store is back in Sydney for the second year in a row.

With the end of winter comes the beginning of a season of warmer weather, and with warmer weather comes cooler desserts. For eight weeks only, the famous Magnum Pleasure Pop-up Store has returned back to Sydney, offering its delectable ice creams to patrons looking for a way to celebrate the start of spring.

The pop-up store has been running for a good three years, following the international success of the store in cities around the globe including New York, Rome and Shanghai. It is no wonder the store has found its way back to Sydney’s Westfield for a second time.

The menu to help you get started on your selections.

There is nothing more enticing to an ice cream lover than seeing the half-popsicle ceiling and glowing Magnum logo inside the shopping centre. The shiny, golden kiosk screams for customers to join the queue and enjoy the experience of designing your very own Magnum ice cream.

The entire experience takes a mere six-steps to get the pleasure of indulging in your very own Magnum creation. Simply coat it, top it, drizzle it, set it, share it and then love it. Although three of the six steps are all taken care of by the Magnum ‘Pleasure Makers’, you’ll still be given the chance to witness the action take place with thanks to the open glass window structure of the store.

A range of different toppings such as coconut and honeycomb.

Upon arriving at the pop-up store you’ll be handed a slender, silver menu to make your selection and design process much easier. The first step in designing your creation is to choose your chocolate coating for your vanilla ice cream – either white, milk or dark.

More delicious toppings for your ice cream..

The second step involves a little more creativity and a desire to please your tastebuds. It’s time to choose your toppings, selecting three to four out of a possible 18. The Sydney store offers a variety of toppings, intensifying the flavour or texture of your coated Magnum ice cream. For a crunchy ice cream, choose from the selection of roasted nuts or cookie crumbles. For a more fruity and exotic ice cream, top off your Magnum with a few of the dried fruit options. Lastly, for an over-indulgent and ‘death-by-chocolate’ like experience, you’ll be happy to know that you can choose between flakes, vermicelli and even crispearls.

Getting ready to drizzle more chocolate.

Your selection of toppings are then placed inside a metal cocktail shaker, making it easier for the ‘Pleasure Makers’ to decorate your ice cream and ensure all the ingredients are distributed evenly. As you walk around the bend, passing the tubs of toppings, you’ll witness your naked Magnum being dipped into your selected coating, swirled around and then placed inside a small cardboard tray. It is here where your toppings are tossed over your ice cream, and then an extra drizzle of white, milk or dark chocolate is placed over it. Finishing off your design is your choice of a white or milk chocolate Magnum button and voila, your ice cream is complete.

With your very own Magnum ice cream, it’s almost impossible not to share your creation on social media. Move off to the side, snap a photo then take a few minutes to enjoy your treat.

A white chocolate Magnum topped with roasted pistachios, milk chocolate flakes, vanilla crumble and honeycomb pieces.

Each Magnum costs $8 and the store will be opened in Westfield Sydney until October 19. While the cost may be twice as much as you’ll ever spend on a usual Magnum ice cream, your $8 gives you the opportunity to create and decorate a much loved ice cream the way you want it. So hurry along because this pop-up store won’t be around for much longer.

Celebrating 25 years of Magnum.

Rating: 8/10

Where: Level 2, Westfield Sydney, Cnr Pitt Street Mall and Market Street, Sydney 2000.
Why: Because who doesn't want to create their own ice cream?
Cost: $8 per Magnum
When: Mon-Wed, Fri & Sat 9.30am-6.30pm, Thu 9.30am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm. Last day October 19.

Good for kids: Yes.
Take away: Yes.


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