Chocolateria San Churro Miranda

Chocolateria San Churro Miranda

Posted 2014-05-15 by Justine Crowleyfollow

Ah Chocolateria San Churro , you've sweetened my soul indeed. Your mantra for your love of chocolate is so pronounced and appropriate. Pleased to know that real couverture is your currency. You get that the aztecs founded chocolate from the cacao tree, yet you've added a few twists to our chocolate. You amaze.

Recently visited Chocolateria San Churro at Westfield Miranda, right near the Greater Union cinemas. It was right before lunch. A few tired days caused me to crave some chocolate, and I thus strongly felt that a quality hot chocolate would be the good perk me up for some shopping ahead in a busy shopping centre under construction, to become something busier and amazing at the end of 2014.

Their chocolate fondue platters are amazing, and yes you would be eating for ages. If I had a couple of friends with me, we definitely would have gone for something like this, however, as I was alone - a simple Spanish hot chocolate delight was sufficient.

It is nice to observe that there are diary free drinks available, preferably of the non-chocolate variety. Yet, you come to San Churro's when you're in the mood for chocolate. At this particular Chocolateria San Churro store, there is a play corner for the kids, and there are magazines to read. People of diverse age groups come here. There were a few senior citizens lining up before me, and they went for a cappuccino each.

I love the classic mugs ($9.95 each), and it is nice to know that you can purchase one or more of them. It would be nice if there was one in purple, yet red and blue are still great colours. I lined up to order my hot chocolate, and I was really impressed with the range and how well presented their cakes, sweet treats and other chocolate delicacies are at the front counter.

Ordering a cup of the El Grande with marshmallows and chocolate syrup ($6.95), I was in chocolate heaven. This treat is an awesome way to shake off the winter blues. This is a new product from San Churro's Spanish Hot Chocolate range. I was going to order a couple of churros on the side, however I'd be too full. We're all promised a full hot chocolate indulgence with this treat. Other combinations include crushed malt balls, and choc biscuit crumble.

There was a short wait for this treat, yet this wait is completely forgiven as there was only one staff member on at the time. He did well considering how many beverages he had to make.

My El Grande arrives, and the presentation is nice. That little drip of syrup on the side of my cup made this special in a simple sense. The serving size is quite generous, and great value for money. The marshmallow and the chocolate sauce are just divine, and it is nice when the white marshmallow melts inside this strong chocolate drink. I could do with a glass of water. Next time I'll definitely ask for one.

This is a hearty, warm, comforting drink. Great to enjoy once in a while. It wasn't overly sweet, yet the quality cocoa flavour was evident. Just a suggestion: it would be nice if customers could help themselves to some water in between. Otherwise I loved this drink, and it filled the spot. Enjoy anytime you feel like chocolate if you happen to be in the area. Great just before hitting the shops for some cool retail therapy. Yes San Churro Miranda, chocolate was my salvation at the time you served me. Thank you.

Rating: 9/10

Where: G107, 600 Kingsway Miranda NSW.
Why: For the El Grande hot chocolate in marshmallows and chocolate syrup. I love those classic mugs. They're lovely!
Cost: $6.95
When: Morning or afternoon (preferably on a weekday) before hitting the shops.

Good for kids: Yes. There is a space for kids to play. Who doesn't love chocolate?
Take away: Available, yet it is much nicer to drink in, chill out for a jiffy and savour the moment.



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