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What do you do when you are absolutely not in a mood to cook and not too keen to dine out? Order food to be delivered home of course. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to ordering home delivery food. Since I am not such a big fan of mass produced fast food options, I opted to try gourmet pizzas from Crust in Castle Hill instead.

The ordering process itself is easy with a downloaded app on your phone or on a computer. You can of course call and place your order too.

The menu is without a doubt mouth watering. Should I go with the Singapore Chilli Crab flavour or the Wagyu Prawn? Or maybe the Moroccan Lamb? I was at a loss. To add to my dilemma, my entire family joined the process of choosing our pizza dinner.

There are gourmet type of pizzas galore, but they still have those simple ones like ham and pineapple, cheese, and also chicken and pineapple to name. Although these are on the kids menu, the sizes are not too small.

After a lot of discussions, and a fair bit of arguments, we settled on the olive and feta bread as the starter. What a delightful combination. It sure was an ideal starter for those greater flavours yet to come in the form of gourmet pizzas.

The pizza of my choice, the Singapore chilli crab ($24.00) was as tasty as I expected it to be. A fan of crab, I felt it would have been even better if they added a tad more crab meat.

The Perri-Perri flavoured pizza ($21.00) was my second favourite out of the lot. Crust has got it right with that. I haven't had such a delicious peri peri flavoured pizza anywhere else before.

The Kilojoule count of each pizza does help when choosing, but we did not even look at the kilojoules when deciding on the Moroccan Lamb pizza ($24.00). We were glad that we chose this pizza, as it was a symphony of spicy flavours that none of us could get enough of.

Crust has a variety of vegetarian choices too, from salads, breads and pizzas. The Roast beetroot pizza ($21.00) would be the best out of them.

Having throughly studied the menu before ordering our pizza dinner that night, I already know what I will go for the next time I order from Crust. And yes, there's most certainly will be a next time.

Rating: 9 /10

Where: 2/297 Old Northern Road Castle Hill NSW.
Why: Great tasting pizza.
Cost: A Large pizza from $21.00 onwards.
When: Lunch and Dinner.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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