Food on Five Westfield Sydney

Food on Five Westfield Sydney

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A number of healthy and gluten free food choices at the Westfield Sydney food court

The Pitt Street Mall Westfield in the Sydney CBD is one huge store. It can feel like you get a little lost in there, and if you're hungry for lunch or a snack, that's not always a good thing. But head right on up to the top level, and you'll find one of the best food courts in the city. If you want something healthy, organic, gluten free or just plain tasty, this is the place to head to.

Snag Stand is my favourite place to get a gluten free hot dog

There are endless options for what to eat

The food court in the city Westfield is not the typical one you'd expect. Gone are the garish lights and grease-laden fast food joints, and in their place is a stylish and expansive food court with what feels like endless options. These are good options as well, with some of the finest healthy or gourmet chains having set up shop. If you're after something to make you feel good and give you energy, try Iku Wholefoods or Top Juice for some delicious and healthy treats.

Eat looking over the city

Those who need to eat gluten free actually have a few options to choose from. Iku Wholefoods always has a number of gluten free items to choose from. Guzman Y Gomez does gluten free Mexican food, and Snag Stand will do a gluten free hotdog (although you will need to ask staff which toppings are gluten free, which can sometimes be difficult in a crowded line). There's also a Crust Pizza for those who fancy a gluten free slice.

A table can be hard to get in rush hour

A food court without that typical food court feel

The Westfield food court is enormous, and has plenty of tables and chairs. Be warned though: what looks big and spacious in non-lunch hours, suddenly becomes jampacked when lunch is on. In the middle of the day you will likely find it difficult, although not impossible, to get a seat. And it is almost certain that you will have to stand in a line at any of the eateries, despite there being so many of them.

If you fancy a slice try out Crust

The line-ups that occur during lunchtime hours are a testament to how good the food there is. It really is unlike any other food court, and it's not just the dim lighting and nice d├ęcor that does this. These food establishments are all of high quality. You can get restaurant standard food, and if you're with a group of people it's easy to satisfy everyone's taste.

Delicious Mexican food at Guzman y Gomez

You can eat in style at a food court

Rating: 9/10

Where: Level Five, Westfield Sydney, Pitt Street Mall Sydney NSW.
Why: For endless options without the usual food court fast food.
Cost: Reasonably priced, but will depend where you choose to eat.
When: Westfield Sydney opening hours. Try to get in before or after the lunch hour rush.

Good for kids: While there is food here for everyone, kids might get intimidated by the big crowds.
Take away: Yes


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