Fuku Restaurant Sake Wine Bar Sydney

Fuku Restaurant Sake Wine Bar Sydney

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The little black book filled with the dishes of Fuku Restaurant Sake Wine Bar

Traditional Japanese restaurants tend to boast with décor of cherry blossoms and walls mimicking paper sliding doors. Yet once in a while you’ll come across a restaurant, one such as Fuku Restaurant Sake & Wine Bar , which weaves together a modern ambience with the traditional flavours of Japanese cuisine. Indoor or outdoor seating, wherever you choose to dine will leave you in awe of how the two are interweaved together, to present a restaurant of equal modern and traditional atmosphere and food.

Being a very spacious restaurant, Fuku is able to create a range of dining atmospheres suitable for whatever time of day. For special events, Fuku is able to cater to large functions of up to 50 people with their private dining area towards the far left side from the entrance of the restaurant. For a place to relax with a drink after work, the outdoor area is the perfect spot with both bar tables and high seats placed along the glass window barriers of the restaurant. For just a casual lunch or a dinner night, there are plenty of seats inside for couples or large groups.

Fuku Restaurants impressive wooden interior

Fuku’s interior is quite striking and appealing as your eye is drawn up and down to examine the beauty of the wooden slates and pillars on the ceiling and walls. Rather than paper mounted behind the wooden frames on the wall, the background of the holes created from the frames are left bare and filled with bottles of Sake, wine and cookbooks of Japanese cuisine. The modern atmosphere extends itself throughout the restaurant with pops of colour of bright red and sleek black contrasting against the glossy hardwood of the tables.

As a Japanese restaurant, the menu prides itself on its extensive range of fresh sashimi and sushi choices, both available in entrée and main sizes. Alongside many of the dishes are familiar flavours and accompaniments such as yuzu mayonnaise, sweet miso and pickled ginger.

Teriyaki Scallop Grilled Skewers, cooked beautifully and generously drizzled with delicious teriyaki sauce.

Kushiyaki, the Japanese name given to grilled skewer dishes, finds itself on Fuku’s menu, and its size makes it an ideal dish as a hot entrée. With two skewers presented, overlapping each other on top of the round, beige plate; the Teriyaki Scallop Grilled Skewers ($5) drown in an abundant amount of the sweet teriyaki sauce. Two scallops and two short stalks of green onions alternate on each of the bamboo skewers, also alternating the flavours and textures of the skewer. The scallop itself is cooked just right, leaving no sign of a rubbery, chewy texture, and cuts well through the crunchy green onion. For a different flavour, try the skewers in a spicy marinade instead of the teriyaki.

Since the restaurant’s opening in 2012, the changes in special set dishes have been ongoing. However, if you’re looking for a filling meal, complete with a range of small condiments and a bowl of rice; there’s no going past the Wagyu Yakiniku or Teriyaki Salmon special set meals, presented altogether on top of a burgundy tray.

Wagyu Yakiniku Special Set barbecued beef served with several small condiments.

At roughly $19, the Wagyu Yakiniku Special Set sits on a white square plate next to a bed of mixed green leaf salad. The thin slices of wagyu beef are barbecued and grilled to well done, still maintaining a tender and juicy texture, while also being dressed in a dark sauce with a balance of sweet and salty flavours. Surrounding the main attraction are small condiments of miso soup, sticky sweet potato chunks, pickled ginger, two small slices of salmon sashimi, and to cleanse the palate afterwards, a few pieces of strawberries and oranges.

Teriyaki Salmon Special Set three wellcooked pieces of filleted salmon with teriyaki sauce.

For more of that delicious teriyaki flavour with the same generous serving as the beef, try the Teriyaki Salmon Special Set which sits at roughly $17. Three pieces of well-filleted Salmon is also served with a bed of salad, except a small cob of corn is also accompanied with the fish. As you push your chopsticks into the salmon, the pieces tear off smoothly and gently. The salmon is well cooked and not dry, brushed and drizzled with a generous amount of teriyaki sauce, guaranteeing a heap of flavour at every bite. The dish is also accompanied with the same condiments as the beef.

Although many items on the menu appear to be pricier than other Japanese restaurants, Fuku’s service and quality of their dishes make it all the more worth it. The setting is beautiful, the atmosphere just the same, and the food is definitely not a letdown. If you’ve found yourself wondering around World Square Shopping Centre, and are looking for a place to stop over for a good meal, then make your way to level one where the glass barriers are bound to intrigue you to peek inside and find a seat.

Fuku Restaurants glass barrier exterior

Rating: 8.5/10

Where: Fuku Restaurant Sake & Wine Bar, Shop 1103, 644 George Street, Sydney NSW. (World Square Shopping Centre, Level 1).
Why: The interior and atmosphere is very impressive. There is also a great mix of both traditional and modern Japanese dishes, giving you the opportunity to sample the best of both worlds.
Cost: Moderately-high priced. Special set dishes range from $15-$20. Entrees from $12-20, Mains above $25.
When: Mon-Sat, Lunch 12-3pm, Dinner 5-11pm. Anytime is a good time as the restaurant tends to get quite busy.

Good for kids: Children are welcome; however, the atmosphere perhaps isn’t suitable due to the sake and wine ambience of the restaurant.
Take away: Not sure.



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