Granatas Pemulwuy

Granatas Pemulwuy

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The newest cafe in town.

With the continued persuasion by a close relative, I decided to head towards Pemulwuy to try out the newest cafe in town. This quintessentially Italian café; Granata’s could be the new kid on the block, but it definitely has become the most popular hangout for that person who loves a good traditional Italian meal.

Baramundi fish and chips yummy.

Though the eatery welcomes walk-ins; regular patrons of the place had warned me that it would be quite impossible to get a table for a large party if I do not make a prior booking. How right were they? When I walked in with a party of ten, Granata’s was already jam packed. I did say a silent ‘thank you’ for those who advised me to make a booking ahead of time.

Everything that makes a cafe a cafe

To the delight of all of us, this eatery had a most welcoming charm that was unmistakably Italian. The cafe began at the undercover alfresco area outside, and continued on to a spacious dining hall which is tastefully done with white chairs, sprawling long tables; bleached wooden floors and those little knickknacks that makes a café what it is.

A perfect schnitzel

As we settled in at the table reserved for us, I could not take my eyes off the hub of activity inside the large open kitchen where chefs kept themselves busy preparing and plating sumptuousness meals. As one dish after the other were expertly laid on the table; the air around us slowly filled with mouth-watering aromas. We were all eager to have a taste of everything that Granata’s had to offer.

Pasta perfection

Though not a great fan of risotto, I surprised myself by ordering the creamy mushroom and chicken risotto that night. Maybe the culinary angels prompted me to do so. Whatever the reason, my choice indeed was the right one. The risotto at Granata’s was nothing like the tasteless ones I have tried in the past in so many other places. Quite the opposite. The risotto here was cooked to perfection, with the right amount of seasoning and not too much chicken and broth that you had to keep digging to find a grain of rice.

The risotto that changed my mind

Our meals did not require a long wait as what sometimes occurs in other establishments with a similar buzz. All of the mains came to the table one after the other before our little taste testers started getting restless. The potions were not too large, but perfect in size to fill us up by just the right amount. Among the dishes ordered by my party of ten, a special mention should be given to the chicken schnitzel; the meat lover’s pizza, and of course the barramundi fish and chips.

Great selection

Though I was too full to savour any of the other dishes at the table; the ones who consumed them had only one thing to say: “yummy.” Even as early as 6pm on a sunny summer evening, the café is packed...a good sign to say the food is excellent. And the food indeed turned out to be nothing but excellent. Mains at Granata’s start from $15 and go up to around $25.

The place is still very new, so be sure to take cash as card facilities are still on their ‘to do list.’ They have yet to create their own website, but Granata’s Facebook page gives you enough information to go by.

Rating: 9/10

Where:30 Watkin Tench Pde, Pemulwuy
(Off Greystanes Rd, Greystanes)
Why: Good wholesome Italian food. Reasonable prices.
Cost:Mains from $15 to $25

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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