Grandmas Little Bakery Collector

Grandmas Little Bakery Collector

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Pretty hard to miss

We had seen the signposts advertising its presence on the federal highway on our many trips to Canberra. With a homely, warm and welcoming name such as Grandma’s Little Bakery, we just had to have a pit stop here and last long weekend we did just that. Nestled in the heart of a beautiful olive grove, this friendly bakery can be reached after about a two hour drive from Sydney.

Driving down the Federal Highway towards Canberra, this bakery is not easily missed. There is plenty of signage directing the hungry traveller towards this magical place. Yes, I did indeed say magical, as that is the ambience which is created with views across the olive grove at Grandma’s Little Bakery in Collector, NSW.

The shop that sells all things olive.

As at any grandma’s or grandpa’s place, Grandma’s Little Bakery too is especially child friendly, there are even little play areas on the grounds of the bakery to get the little ones going for a bit of activity in the midst of a long journey. On arrival, we were greeted by two friendly dogs. My little one was thrilled to see them, as well as the sheep in the pen. After spending a few minutes walking around the beautiful surroundings, we entered the bakery and adjoining dining areas themselves.

The bakery itself is quite busy. After all, the atmosphere is relaxing and the food is much more reasonably priced compared to similar kinds of restaurants down the highway. Grandma’s is full of life, not only with the chatter of patrons, but also by the friendly, chatty staff. Though the place is busy with every single staff member running around like busy bees, the service is prompt and friendly. The Mediterranean-inspired menu offers a great variety to choose from. There are pastas, pies, soups, salads, breads and sweets, all of which are made daily at the bakery.

A filling meal indeed.

A word of warning; if you are in a hurry, Grandma’s is not the place you should be going to. On very busy days signs of warning are placed to inform customers that the wait is going to be long. Since we were not in a mighty hurry to get to where we were going, we opted to stay and enjoy the break. Once our order was placed we left the table and roamed around the little shop that sells all things olive in order to while away the time. To our great surprise and delight, the food arrived quite quickly.

Plenty to fill you up.

The soup of the day ($9.50) was my choice for lunch, which came with freshly baked bread. It was both wholesome and filling. Adding a bit of salt made it come to life. This homemade soup, a clear broth with chunky chicken pieces and vegetables, brought back memories of the wholesome soup my grandma used to serve when we were kids.

A bit of salt made the soup taste even better.

The spaghetti bolognaise ($11.50) and the chicken casserole ($17.50) which was also ordered for our table were both delicious and filling. Though without argument, the favourite at the table was the vanilla milkshake ($6.50). The kids started with one, which went around the table with everyone tasting the shake, resulting in all three kids eventually ordering one each. The homemade lemonade is another one to try. Since the temperature was a roaring 33 degrees Centigrade this was the prefect beverage to quench our thirst that day.

Simple, homely table decorations.

Grandma’s Little Bakery also caters to private functions and weddings. They even have their own Mediterranean inspired church on the premises for such occasions. The olive garden itself would be a perfect backdrop for wedding photography.

Enough seating space inside and out.

With our first experience being such a wonderful one, Grandma’s Little Bakery will surely see many more visits from us.

Homemade lemonade a must on a hot day.

Rating: 8.5 /10

Where: 5796 Federal Hwy, Collector, NSW.
Why: Breathtaking views, relaxing atmosphere, reasonably priced food, friendly staff and it is also a place where kids can be entertained.
Cost: A main meal for around $9.50
When: Everyday from 9am to 4pm

Good for kids: Absolutely.
Take away: Yes.

!Map 5796 Federal Highway, Collector, New South Wales, Australia



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