Grano Wetherill Park

Grano Wetherill Park

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Grano is the type of restaurant/cafe that has transformed its rather bleak location into what casual eating is all about: taste and vibe.

Outside Grano from the industrial carpark of Greenway Plaza

The rustic setting brings to mind a Jamie Oliver kind of Italian experience; everything from the chairs to the literal jam jars that you drink from which delivers a DIY restaurant made from the kind of things left lying around a nonno or nonna's home.

Tins act as DIY pizza stands

At least the chairs are home-style ones so you know you'll be comfortable.

The few indoor walls hint at what you might decide to order

Grano serves pizza (red and white sauce bases) and pasta, salad "insalata," antipasti, and has a menu for kids: "bambini."

Grano serves up following the wooden chopping board trend

Grano know how to serve up their seafood antipasti offering.

Calamari Tipo Salt and pepper calamari with Granos sweet sauce.

The calamari were delicious, although slightly oily but not too much. The sauce tasted like a combination of oil, lemon or lime juice with maple syrup (that's my guess only).

This was served about ten minutes after the garlic starter pizza and Massa Massa pizza ($19) arrived on the table, when instructions were given to our helpful waitress to have everything arrive at the same time.

Massa Massa pizza Mozarella on a red pizza base sugo di pomodoro, eggplant, zucchini, ricotta and basil.

Garlic pizza with garlic pieces

Not only was the lemon lime and bitters served in an actual jam jar; it was absolutely delicious, and needed to arrive on my table: the sooner the better so to be enjoyed.

The delicious authentic lemon lime bitters, an L.L.B. is perfect for Summer dining.

The space is predominantly an outdoor venue, with minimal spots available indoors. The lighting is also rustic, with a handful of light globes hanging from the beams. The birdcages complete the textbook outdoor setting atmosphere. Not that any birds are anywhere nearby, which to some people might be a plus.

Fans are a plus during Summer dining

Unfortunately, any outdoor setting will have to compete with flying critters; whether flies or mozzies, so you'll get some practice at how to shield your food from its foes. Never fear, there are plastic screens should some rain occur.

Grano is a great venue for small groups, and caters to toddlers with highchairs. They frequently have enjoyable live music on the weekends for evening diners.

Grano's trading as of writing:

Sunday - Monday, Wednesday - Friday: 12-2:30pm, 6-10pm
Tuesday: 11:30am - 2:30pm, 3-3:30pm
Saturday: 5-5:30pm, 6-10pm


Red base pizzas.

White base pizzas.

Desserts Dolcini.

Rating: 6.5/10

Where: Corner of Horsley Drive & Canley Vale Rd
Wetherill Park, NSW
Why: For great tasting food and casual Italian dining
Cost: Antipasti start from $6, Salads from $14, Pasta from $17.50, Pizzas from $16, Kids $12, Desserts from $13
When: Open 7 days

Good for kids: Yes. Kids menu available.
Take away: Yes



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