Grilld Healthy Burgers Parramatta

Grilld Healthy Burgers Parramatta

Posted 2013-12-21 by Emilyfollow
When you think of burgers, the word healthy doesn’t usually come to mind. In fact McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and other fast food chains would probably be your go-to place to satisfy any burger cravings that come your way. But upon visiting Grill’d in Parramatta; a joint that specialises in fresh, healthy burgers; you can now eat burgers without that heavy feeling of guilt afterwards and still be satisfied all the same.

Healthy burgers

Walking into Grill’d, the setting was reminiscent of the diners you would see in America. There was music blaring. Artworks and drawings embellished the walls, and it felt open and welcoming. The menu hung from the ceiling on separate boards, with the burgers categorised in different sections such as lamb, chicken and vegetarian - making it organised and accessible.

One of the many artworks decorating the walls

One thing I liked about Grill’d was the variety of burgers and ingredients that they offered. There was even a choice between the different types of buns: panini, traditional wholemeal blend or gluten free for an extra charge of $1.50. The only problem with this was that my boyfriend and I were both so indecisive about which burger we wanted. Eventually I opted for the Garden Goodness ($11.50) that included a veggie patty; beetroot; cheese (which I asked to exclude); avocado; tomato relish and herbed mayo on sourdough bread.

A variety of ingredients and options, even with the buns.

Grill’d was very generous in their portions, and in knowing that; they provided knives on each table for you to cut in half should you not be able to handle the ‘double-handed approach.’ It was little things such as this that made this burger joint seem very welcoming, thoughtful and customer friendly.

Cant handle the doublehanded approach

I definitely did not regret my choice in burger. The veggie patty was just about the best one that I have tasted, and I have tried quite a few. Having said that, most of the ones that I have tried have been frozen ones from Woolworths. You can certainly taste the quality difference between the two. It was freshly made, and tasted just right. The other components of the burger fused together to make a juicy, satisfying burger that puts those fast food chains to shame.

No regrets

A colourful and tasty meal

My boyfriend eventually decided to order the ‘Hot mama’ beef burger ($13.50). This burger consisted of grilled grass-fed beef; roasted peppers; dill pickle; cheese; tzatziki; salade and harissa paste. The beef was fresh and tender, and combined with the salad and the sauces - it was a succulent, salacious meal.

Hot mama

We also had a regular sized chips ($4.50). They were thickly cut and garnished with a herb mix. We chose to have herbed mayo ($0.70) and tomato relish ($0.70) dip with it. As with the burgers, the chips were freshly made and had a nice, texture where it was crunchy on the outside, yet soft on the inside. The herbs added some vigour as well as the dips. However, we had underestimated the portions of the burgers and were so full by the time we ate the chips. While we enjoyed them all the same, we could have done without them.

Couldnt finish it all, even between two.

Having read the brochures that were on every table, it is obvious that Grill’d is very concerned with ensuring that their customers are given top-notch quality, and only the freshest ingredients. They provide information about the meats and patties that they use that will satisfy even the most health conscious of people. They are also big on giving back to their community by asking their customers to vote for one out of three groups with bottle caps that they provide.

They not only provide great food, they are very charitable.

Grill’d is a great alternative to fast food chains when it comes to burgers. The staff are friendly; the food is fresh and made in front of you to order, and the service is fast and efficient. When I get hit with those burger cravings, I know that Maccas or Hungry jacks will no longer suffice. I’ll just come back to Grill’d.

Rating: 8/10

Where: 310 Church Street Parramatta NSW
Why: Healthy burgers. A great burger alternative.
Cost: My meal was a total of $30.90
Sun-Thu: 11am - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 11am - 11pm

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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