Gumption by Coffee Alchemy Sydney City

Gumption by Coffee Alchemy Sydney City

Posted 2014-01-05 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Latte love indeed

Some coffee experts have just moved into the Strand Arcade. The guys at Gumption just focus on coffee. That's it. You can't buy anything to eat here. You must be in the mood to drink some quality single origin coffee.

Brewing up some magic. Nothing too overly scientific. Just good coffee.

Must I say, these guys rock. I can stop writing right there, but I won't. Must I say again, the staff are ever so helpful. Just know how many teaspoons of the sweet stuff you want in your coffee, and then you're set. Oh, and a water bottle won't hurt either. These people are coffee connoisseurs, who have just turned up in time to pep some shoppers up. It was a festive season pep come December 2013 (when the establishment opened) and now for the post-Christmas sales, as at the time of writing this.

So happy

This place kind of reminds me of Sensory Lab in Melbourne. The science like lab setting, absolutely. No white coats, and no experiments here. Just no BS, and awesome coffee.

Little decorative quirks

Ordered a small latte ($4) and sat outside. You can only sit outside the elegance. Ah, those lovely Christmas trees. A bonus at that time of the year. Sit on a stool, you're fine. The baristas must have their skates on. My coffee arrived quicker than I anticipated, and it was just brewed perfectly. Love the latte art. That takes tremendous skill and coffee courage to produce that.

Busy little bees in here

There was a couple sitting right near me, and I think (off hand) I heard them say that one of the staff is a World Barista Champion. That doesn't surprise me, and I did not have the guts to ask and clarify this. Yep, the shy introvert came out instead of the confident one. Well it was a Sunday afternoon, and I was just chilling out.

Lovely coffee

Loved that glass. If they were for sale, I'd be buying a few for the house. Multi-purpose uses addition to drinking a quality brew in of course.

The views of those Christmas trees are fairly good

Lovely. Great value for money. Judging by the crowds, and people lining up for their daily (or maybe not so daily) grind - they'd have to agree with my verdict: super duper good coffee.

I so love that glass

Rating: 10/10

Where: Shop 11 Ground Floor, Strand Arcade Sydney NSW.
Why: Just for the coffee. My latte rocked.
Cost: Just $4. It's insane.
When: Sunday afternoon.

Good for kids: No sorry.
Take away: Absolutely. Don't sell your Gumption experience short. For heavens sake, pay a little extra and have your quality brew personally delivered to you.



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