Guzman Y Gomez Crows Nest

Guzman Y Gomez Crows Nest

Posted 2014-01-20 by Kerrifollow
A selection of tasty goodies from Guzman Y Gomez

There is one takeaway I can always rely on to leave both my stomach and tastebuds feeling satisfied, and that is Guzman Y Gomez. Offering both dine-in and takeaway Mexican food, Guzman has locations all over Sydney, but it is the Crows Nest one that I am a regular at.

Beef guerrero tacos

One of the things that draws me back to Guzman time and time again is that a majority of the food on the menu is gluten free. There is no settling for one or two options; almost anything you want, you can have. This includes the quesadillas, both hard and soft shell tacos and the burritos (although for these you will need to ask for a 'burrito bowl' if you need it to be gluten free, which is a burrito without the wrap).

Chicken guerrero quesadillas

Recently, they have also changed their menu so that the nachos are also a gluten free option. Previously this was the only menu item that wasn't gluten free or couldn't be made so. Although I'm yet to try the nachos, I very much look forward to doing so.

A varied and delicious menu

For those with gluten free concerns, it is also great to see the open kitchen/food preparation area. This way you can keep an eye on the food as it is being made, and make sure there is no cross contamination. The staff are truly great with this though, and I've never had a problem.

Indoor seating

Personal favourites are the chicken guerrero quesadillas and the beef guerrero hard shell tacos, both served with guacamole and sour cream (which is extra if you order it). You can order these in packs of two or three, but as someone with a healthy appetite I always get three. A few of my relatives like to also order a packet of corn chips to snack on, and recommend them highly.

And sheltered outdoor seating

Guzman also has a self-serve section of toppings and sauces, such as pico de gallo and tomatillo. Tiny containers are supplied so you don't have to put the sauces and toppings directly on your food if you don't want.

The menu is clearly marked with gluten free options

For those that dine in, there are both indoor and sheltered outdoor areas in which to eat. Ordering is done at the counter, but your food and drinks will be brought to you. Guzman is fully licensed and offers some frozen drink treats in the form of margaritas and sangria.

Look out for the big yellow signs

Guzman offers one of the most fresh and authentic takeaways I've ever had, and if you have a craving for Mexican food, I really couldn't recommend it enough. I take a lot of friends and relatives there, and have never seen anyone disappointed yet.

Rating: 10/10

Where: 2/77 Willoughby Road Crows Nest NSW. There are additional locations all over Sydney.
Why: For fresh Mexican food and the gluten free options.
Cost: Kids meals are $5.00, adult meals range from $8.50 - $14.90
When: Every day 11:00am - 10:00pm

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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