Happy Lab Westfield Sydney

Happy Lab Westfield Sydney

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Glimpses of the salted caramel. Yum.

Happy Lab at Westfield Sydney is a lab of candy and chocolate fun. They also have a store at Bondi Junction. Love the scientific theme. You'll know what I mean when you come to visit this establishment.

The skinny chocolate range

Happy Lab is another (if not the) most popular shop visited on the Saturday chocolate walking tours I run. This is where the "twist" comes for many of the guests. They're pre-warned that this establishment is 'positively dangerous,' and these guests do indeed make such comments back to me after their visit here.

Another popular chocolate based treat

So true. You can easily lose yourself. The managers Damien and Mandy do provide great service, no matter how busy they are. Help yourself to some lollies, usually or around $5 a pop. Who can resist the trendy salted caramel. Their popcorn comes from the US, and their salted caramel is their most popular. So are their chocolate hazelnut spreads. For the latter, there are five different types/flavours in total.

Also another popular tour treat

Furthermore, their skinny chocolate range is also quite popular, as well as the chocolate balls that come out of some scientific lab jar. Not to mention their munch crunches.

Lovely munch crunches

The munch crunches are fruit pieces that come in flavours such as apple, strawberry and peach to name. They're in brightly coloured packets, and four of them for only $10 is pretty good value. Great to eat as they are, or grate them to include as beautiful coatings for cakes, yogurts, ice creams and parfaits to name.

Sweet as

Watch out for Westfield Sydney's occasional Little Black Book promotion. Happy Lab usually feature in this. As part of this, if you follow them on Instagram, or join Happy Mail - you'll receive 25% off any full priced purchase from them there and then.

Some guests on a recent chocolate walking tour enjoying the experience, with a staff member nearby.

Love it, and so do many others from previous experience.

Thank you Happy Lab

Rating: 10/10

Where: Happy Lab - Westfield Sydney
Why: Their munch crunches, and their different products. Dangerously good.
Cost: Four munch crunches only cost $10
When: When open. Saturday mornings is busy and popular.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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