Hooters Parramatta

Hooters Parramatta

Posted 2013-11-24 by Emilyfollow
The sound of music pumping alongside flashing neon lights is a definite tell tale mark that Hooters is around the corner. Already from the first sighting, it exudes such a vibrant energy that makes you excited to visit and see what they have to offer inside.

Hooters is hard to miss

The atmosphere was great, and something I can't fault Hooters on. It was so energetic and lively that just lifted your mood. They hard a pool table set up with games, and also a shop promoting the Hooters brand. The walls were embellished with photos of Hooters back in the days. It is definitely great for a fun night out with friends, but not something you'd want if you're looking for something quiet or romantic.

Hooters shop, offering more than just food.

Hooter girls in the 80s

The menu encouraged nights out with both a couple of friends or a whole group. It catered for not only individual meals, but also larger meals to share such as the rib combo. However, as it was just my boyfriend and I, we kept to the smaller plates.

For entrees (aka hooterstizers), we ordered the carrots & celery with ranch dressing and fried pickles with onion dip. The carrots & celery ($4.95) was a nice, light starter to ease us into our meal. I wanted the fried pickles ($9.95) to be a bit more crunchy as it was a little on the soft side, yet the onion dip was tasty. My favourite dip of the night.

A light Hootersizer

Just missing the crunch

We also ordered a simple side potato salad ($2.95), and while it was the smallest dish of the night; it was the one dish we couldn't finish. It wasn't a bad dish necessarily, but tasted plain and not worth ordering again.

Potato salad

For the mains, my boyfriend and I shared the vegetarian enchilada ($16.95). It was complete with salad, roasted vegetables, Mexican rice and extra guacamole ($2). It was a pretty heavy meal, and not something you'd order if you wanted something light. The salad was definitely needed to relieve some of the heaviness, and as it was served cold; it added a different texture to the warmer temperatures of the other components of the dish. The enchilada was appetising and tasty to eat. The combination of the enchilada with the salad and vegetables just melted in your mouth, while the guacamole added some extra flavour.

Even between two, it was hard to finish.

The manager took our order. He, along with the famous Hooter girls, was friendly and helpful - making us feel welcome. However, service times took a while as they were engaged with another customer for so long and didn't see us. It took us 10 minutes to flag someone down so that we could order, even though there were at least 4 people on the floor. In saying that, once they did come they were friendly; with the manager coming halfway through our meal to ensure that we were happy and satisfied, making us feel acknowledged.

Such a boisterous, busy environment. Even for a Weekday.

The major downfall of the night was when I found a long blonde hair in my meal. I think that it came from one of the girls who brought us our food. As I found it at the end of my meal, I didn't bother telling them about it, but it was clearly a turn off.

Even before we stepped into the restaurant, Hooters was looking after its customers - ensuring that they're having a fun time. With the blaring music and lights, it is appealing to on-lookers and just has a great energy. When I left though, I felt somewhat bloated as the meal was quite heavy, but was still full as the portions were generous. It is probably not the best place to go if you are health conscious or maintain a gluten free diet. There are no gluten free alternatives available.

I would re-visit Hooters again, but next time with a larger group of people. At times, such as waiting to order; I felt as though the larger parties were given priority to their service than those with less people. However, it's great for a convivial and exciting night out, keeping up with the Hooter's famous reputation of being a fun-loving, lively brand.

Rating: 6.5/10

Where: 132 James Ruse Drive Parramatta NSW
Why: For a fun night out
Sides and Entrees - $2.95-$28.95
Mains - $16.95-$49.95
Deserts - $9.95 each
When: Open 7 days - 12pm till late

Good for kids: Yes, kids menu available,
Take away: No


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