Infuzions Hornsby

Infuzions Hornsby

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The bright, red, neon Infuzions sign.

The openness of Hornsby Westfield allows for restaurant after restaurant to fill the outer walkways and alleyways, offering a lively and entertaining dining atmosphere in the heart of the area. Exiting the station’s ramp, you will find yourself captured by the centre piece that sits in-between the entrances to the shopping centre, before veering off to the left and walking towards Infuzions , the restaurant built on the idea of Asian tapas.

This Asian restaurant with bold, red writing takes inspiration for their concept on Asian tapas from the idea of encouraging conversation among good company. This is so you are not so focused on eating an entire meal that is set on the table before you. A good meal ought to be shared, and thus presents a separate Asian tapas menu. Perfect for the lunch hour. Of course, there is still the proper a la carte menu, yet if you’re after a new experience to Asian dining, the tapas would be delightful.

Outdoor seating with plenty of group tables

With plenty of seating, indoor and outdoor, this casual, yet sophisticated, group sharing and dining atmosphere is encouraged through the decorations and setting of the restaurant. Outside, chairs and tables are set up along the main walkway with tall, metal heaters positioned near the seats to give warmth over the winter months. The furnishings of wooden tables and metal framed chairs with different coloured leather cushions, from deep red to lime green, are identical to those situated inside.

To the right of Infuzions’ entrance is the fully licensed bar and kitchen. The majority of the area is covered completely with tables and chairs, where white square dinner plates, black leather menus and clear wine glasses are propped up on top of each table.

The vast amount of lanterns hanging from the ceiling

The interior is dim, yet decorated beautifully to brighten up and create an elegant atmosphere. A mixture of black matte tiles, rustic brick pillars and wooden timber walls create a modern ambience, quite different to the traditional decorations seen in most Asian restaurants. There is, however, a small yet elegant touch of culture with the addition of dozens upon dozens of glowing white lanterns hanging above from the black painted ceiling. The glass window is plastered with an intricate black design, adding to the extravagant featured of the restaurant. This black design continues as a metal frame outside, propped up against one of the glass windows.

Seating indoors, much like those set up outside.

Two menus are placed on the table, one specifically created to feature the list of Asian tapas available at Infuzions. This paper-cardboard menu is full of colour on its cover, rectangular in shape and brief in its contents. Short descriptions accompany the names of the dishes.

Steamed Prawn Dumplings served with two dipping sauces.

Served with five pieces, the Prawn Dumplings ($7.90) are placed on the table inside its bamboo steamer. The translucent dumpling pastry encases an all-prawn mince filling with additional ingredients such as bamboo shoots and coriander for flavour and texture. Despite the dumplings being smaller in size compared to other Asian restaurants, its size keeps in ton with Infuzions’ concept of Asian tapas. Its small size delivers a good spike of flavour and the addition of the dipping sauces on the side would add a little extra kick as well.

The Crispy Pork Belly, living up to its crispy, golden expectations.

The Crispy Pork Belly ($8.50) is visually appealing in its presentation. More so is the flavour that is added to it. Slices of well-cooked pork belly are served with a helping of Chinese broccoli on the side. The main attraction and real highlight of this dish, however, is the crispy skin of the pork belly. Crispy crackling, as what it’s known for, lives up to its textural expectation, with the golden skin releasing a delicious crunching sound with every bite. Both the pork and broccoli are seasoned in a small bed of chilli and oyster sauce that releases a salty and spicy flavour balance. The heat is just mild and not at all overpowering.

Chicken Fried Rice, seasoned quite nicely.

As with any Asian meal, tapas or not, a serving of Fried Rice ($8.90) cannot be missed. Infuzions’ fried rice falls under the ‘Wok’ and ‘Stir-fry’ categories and therefore gives options for a meat base, from chicken to beef to a combination. Despite the description for the fried rice listing egg and mixed vegetables as additional ingredients, it was surprising to be served a plate of fried rice with only sliced onions, Chinese broccoli, egg and chicken tossed with the reasoned rice. The lack of colour and ingredients in the fried rice was a slight disappointment, however was forgiven with the amount of flavour and seasoning within the rice. The generous serving and ideal texture still made it pleasurable to eat alongside the other dishes.

For beautifully presented food and a new take on servings of Asian cuisine, Infuzions has plenty to offer. With an atmosphere such as this and a dining concept where loud conversations and social engagement is highly encouraged over a shared meal; it would be no surprise to find this restaurant filled during dinner hours. However, for a casual lunch where proportions match the appetite and atmosphere of the hour, Infuzions has a setting and ambience that won’t let you down.

Colourful Asian tapas menu at Infuzions

Rating: 8/10

Where: Infuzions, R1 236 Pacific Hwy, Hornsby Westfield Mall NSW.
Why: Some dishes are interesting in presentation. The sizes are also suitable for lunch, yet would contribute to a great vibe during dinner.
Cost: Tapas lunch prices range from $6.90 - $17.90. Stir-fry and wok lunch meals range from $7.90 - $9.90.
When: Lunch, Mon - Sun 11:30am - 3:30pm, Dinner, Mon - Sun 5:30pm - 10:00pm.

Good for kids: Yes.
Take away: Yes. Take away menu available.



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