Jones The Grocer Westfield Sydney

Jones The Grocer Westfield Sydney

Posted 2013-04-17 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Delicious breakfast

How incredible. After 16 years in Woollahra, Jones The Grocer has now re-located to Westfield Sydney. For those of us who spend more time in the city (well for many of us, that is every day) than on the east side, we should be celebrating. The choice is yours.

Head upstairs to opulence, and this European foodie paradise is right near Becasse, and hence the best of both worlds combine. If you just want a coffee and a treat to take away, there is no need to walk inside to do that. If you're not too hungry, you can always scour the home wares, and/or buy some top notch deli goods to take home.

Homely ambience

A weekday morning breakfast is too indulgent, yet when you work for yourself, you just go for it. In fact anyone can. The ambience is glorious. It took a few minutes for an over polite French waitress to come and serve me, yet it's all okay. You would feel like you're having breakfast at a five star hotels' restaurant, and not some place where anyone and everyone is most welcome. Gorgeous ambience from top to toe, and breakfast is ideal as there’s not too many people around. At lunch time, this place is so noisy, you might need the earplugs if you aren't too keen to eat and chat simultaneously.

A great place to have a brief chat on your mobile phone to your eBook distributor in America. For me that worked. It feels so prosperous. Forget WiFi, it's not too good here, yet the service is impeccable. Faultless apart from the initial wait. With a glass of water, heaven help me, I spoilt my ever crazy taste buds on Vanilla French Toast ($13) with mixed berries and vanilla creme fraiche. One sweet (trying to be savoury) breakfast dish, and king of regretted my decision to opt for some protein instead. Seeing this dish come out, you automatically feel a little indulgent, and all the better for it.

Loving all elements of this dish

Beautifully presented and executed dish. Healthy berries, and the creme fraiche has a strong vanilla bean flavour, and definitely tastes hand made. Chunky toasts soaked in something sweet, like maple syrup, yet not overpowering. Nab yourself a window seat, and you'll have views of the Pitt Street Mall shopping strip. Well, part of it at least.

You can watch the food made in front of you

Easy, carefree, and my French waiter said a few words to me in French. Luckily as a fellow European, I knew what he was saying. If you love food, this place is delightful. A great 2012 Christmas present for the City of Sydney food theme. Merci.

Rating: 9/10

Where: Jones The Grocer
Why: Amazing and peaceful ambience over breakfast. Great food and service too.
Cost: My bill came to $13
When: Breakfast is ideal. Weekends will be busier.

Good for kids: Let the adults be grown up kids for once.
Take away: Yes, outside.



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