Js Kitchen Steak House Cabramatta

Js Kitchen Steak House Cabramatta

Posted 2014-03-31 by Emilyfollow
Looking for a cheap but filling meal? J's Kitchen located on the busy John St in Cabramatta welcomes and provides all with only $10 meals.

Order at the food counter

As expected by the low prices, J's Kitchen can get quite busy and loud. However the food comes out fast, the portions are very generous, and people leave as quick and they come.

You order at the counter, and are given a buzzer that notifies you when your food is ready. The staff aren't exactly the friendliest people, and are more focused on efficient service rather than charisma. While it can be a bit off-putting, they do manage to speed along the process of ordering and getting their food out, meaning less wait time for all customers. Looking into the kitchen from the counter, I could see that plates of salad and chips were lined up and already prepared, explaining how quickly the food was sent out.

Fresh fruit for you to choose from

Drinks are ordered at a separate counter. At the drinks counter, you come across a variety of fresh fruits for you to choose from to make a milkshake or smoothie for only $3. The green tea flavoured milkshake was my chosen drink. It had a bit too much milk in it and was quite sweet, but nevertheless was nice.

It was sweet, yet I still managed to drink all of it.

The only vegetarian option apart from a bowl of salad ($5) which I ordered and chips ($5), were the dim sims ($5). We were given six dim sims that were slightly larger than I expected, together with some sweet chilli sauce on the side. By what I could taste, the dim sims had cabbage in them, together with carrots and some vegetarian meat. I didn't exactly enjoy it at all as the fake meat is not something I like, and I mistakenly thought that they would be filled with vegetables. Leaving it for my boyfriend, I ate only the big bowl of salad with honey mustard sauce.

Was looking forward to this dish

A look inside the dimsims

Although I am not a salad person, and it doesn't usually fill me up at all; this massive salad bowl was the exact opposite. I couldn't even finish it, despite the fact that I had a big appetite beforehand. However, a lot of dressing is needed for that added flavour, otherwise it would be quite plain and difficult to eat.

Not a salad person, but this salad was large and delicious.

My boyfriend was very content with his medium rare steak ($10) that came with chips and salad. While the quality of the steak was obviously not equivalent to other restaurants that cost a bit extra; it was good enough to be satisfying and was pretty well cooked. With mushroom sauce, it was flavoursome and decidedly filling. Likewise, he couldn't finish his entire plate.

Such large portions for such cheap prices

If you're not a steak person, there are other options available. The calamari rings is a popular one, as well as spaghetti bolognese, pork chops, battered fish 'n' chips, lamb loin and chicken fillet. Each meal also comes with salad and chips and costs only $10.

All in all, the selling point of J's Kitchen is obviously the cheap meals. However, keep in mind that you get your value for money, so if you feel like a big, hearty meal for a cheap price, and aren't too fussed about having the best quality, then J's Kitchen is the place for you.

Rating: 6/10

Where: 96 John Street Cabramatta NSW.
Why: For very cheap but satisfying meals.
Cost: $10 for a main meal, $5 for sides. My total meal added up to $20.
When: Open 7 days, 10am-10pm.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: No



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