Ks Sushi Burwood

Ks Sushi Burwood

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Who doesn’t love a good sushi train? Walking into K’S Sushi , the large conveyer belt, carrying a wide range of colourful and different types of sushi and sides would fill any sushi lover with excitement. Paired with the greeting, “Irasshaimase” from the chef’s and waitresses as you walk in, you feel welcome and at home in this clean and simple restaurant where you are given the option of a table or sushi train.

Prices are as follows pink 2.90, light blue 3.80, blue 4.30, orange 4.90, green 5.80 and black 8.90.

Like most sushi trains, each dish that is taken off the conveyer belt is put on a different coloured plate, meaning different prices. Additional dishes that you desire can be ordered off the menu.

Small yet succulent

A must have entrée of ours is the seaweed salad ($3.80). Served in a small bowl, it was light and tangy, just the way I like it. The small amount of leafy lettuce at the bottom added a different texture to the slick seaweed, and the miso dressing added a bit of zing.

Much needed miso soup

Our miso soup ($2.50) ordered off the menu arrived nice and hot, straight from the kitchen. It wasn’t too salty or watery. It was rather pleasant.


Sashimi is one of Japan’s most quintessential dishes. We decided to try the delightful and elegant salmon sashimi ($8.90) which was succulent and fresh. It was slicked thinly, but still had generous portions. The quality of the fish was high, and we could sense that through each and every mouthful.

Crispy yet oily

The vegetable tempura sushi ($3.80) came with two rolls. While we are not really fans of fried food, these rolls were crisp, if a bit greasy.

Avocado and cucumber with brown rice

Avocado roll

I ordered avocado and cucumber sushi with brown rice off the menu ($4.30, 50c extra for the brown rice). The brown rice was moist and soft, and the contrast between the smooth and fresh avocado with the somewhat crunchy cucumber sticks resulted in such a delectable dish. I also ordered avocado rolls with normal rice ($3.80) which was just as enjoyable.

Hot N Spicy for some added heat

There were dishes on the conveyor belt that were stacked up on plates that stated Hot ‘n’ Spicy. A lover of all spices, my boyfriend couldn’t resist trying the spicy tuna. The tuna was moist, and the chilli definitely added some heat. It was nothing too too hot, and therefore for those who enjoy a bit of spice with their food, just for that extra flavour; the Hot ‘n’ Spicy sushi rolls are great choices.

Not on the menu, but the staff were happy to make it.

While there was no option for eel and cucumber roll ($4.90) in the menu; the very helpful and accommodating staff were happy to make it for my boyfriend regardless. He was very happy with his roll as the eel was cooked well, and had a fish-like texture; and was sweet as it was marinated with a sweet sauce.

Zaru Soba

We decided to try something different other than just sushi. Ordering off the menu, we chose Zaru Soba ($8.80). In other words cold soba, buckwheat noodles. This was new to me as I have only tried hot soba noodles, and therefore I was looking forward to this. We were presented with noodles on one bamboo dish, and another smaller one with a cup full of dipping sauce with wasabi and shallots. My boyfriend had to demonstrate to me how to eat it.

Mix it altogether

First he put as much wasabi and shallots as we desired into the cup, ensuring that it was thoroughly mixed. Then he grabbed some noodles, and immersed them into the sauce, and proceeded to eat it straight out of the cup. It’s similar to eating noodle soup, but you are manually dunking each individual spoonful yourself.

Light and delicious

The soba noodles had a wheaty, yet pleasant taste to it. If, like myself, you don’t really enjoy that taste of udon noodles as it’s too thick and chewy for you; then the soba noodles are a better choice. Dipping it into the sauce to add some extra flavour and aroma, combined with the chilled soba noodles meant that it went so smoothly down your throat. The Tsuyu sauce is rich, slightly salty, and very delicious. Overall, Zaru Soba is a light dish, that is perfect if you’re looking for something filling, yet won’t leave you with that bloated, heavy feeling afterwards.

K’s Sushi is a very versatile sushi train restaurant. Customers are given so many options to choose from, and can see quite clearly through the open kitchen that their food is prepared fresh and served immediately on the plate. They cater for all times of food requirements including gluten free; vegetarian, and they offer a variety of seafood and meat dishes. It was definitely a great sushi train experience for me.

Rating: 8/10

Where: 59 Burwood Road Burwood NSW.
Why: Fresh and delicious sushi
Cost: prices range from $2.90 - $13.90
When: Mon - Wed & Sun, 11:00am - 9:00pm
Thu - Sat, 11:00am - 9:30pm

Good for kids: Yes, if they enjoy sushi.
Take away: Yes



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