Mad Mex Rouse Hill

Mad Mex Rouse Hill

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Though there are quite a number of Mad Mex Mexican Grills around town, I did feel a tinge of excitement when they opened one in a place where I frequent, given it is the only kind of fast food that I would consume without any complaints.

Mad Mex at the Rouse Hill Town Centre is only a few months old, but as in all Mad Mex outlets - this Mad Mex restaurant is full of regular Mexican food lovers. The place itself is quite spacious, clean and very Mexican as one would expect.

Hot salsa on a naked burrito delicious.

I do love ordering at these types of eateries where I get to walk down the line choosing whatever I want in my meal. The serving staff here are friendly and quick at their posts, which makes it easy for those who come for a quick bite in the midst of their busy day.

The corona bottle chandelier

The ordering process is quite simple and fast. First you get to decide what you want to eat: a burrito; a taco; nachos or a quesadilla - and then on to your choice of meat and top up with a choice of salsa with varying degrees of hotness. Then you get to choose what goes on top: salads, sour cream, cheese and whatever else there is in those little tubs down the production line. It’s all up to you to decide what you want in your meal.

As always, a naked burrito with mild sauce is what I went for. Where else could you have that sumptuous naked burrito with that mix of chicken and beef fillings, together with rice and black beans, salad, cheese and sour cream...not to forget the jalapenos. All so fresh, filling and at just the right price.

Sitting at a dimly lit booth eating a freshly made naked burrito tapping my toes to that unmistakable sounds of Mexico; must I say I thoroughly enjoyed my Mad Mex experience at Rouse Hill just before heading off to the rest of my busy day.

Enough seating


Where:Rouse Hill Town Centre
Why:Fast, Fresh and Value for money
Cost: starting at $9.50
When: All day

Good for kids: Yes, expect for the spice factor.
Take away: Yes



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