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Where else would you go when you want that gooey chocolaty goodness in your system, but Max Brenner's Chocolate Cafe . Visits to Max’s café becomes a habit when there is a place close to where you usually hang out. I have recently become a habitual Max Brenner patron just because there is one close by.

I am guilty of having consumed delights such as the warm Belgian waffle ($5.50), the chocolate soufflé ($10.00) and my all time favourite Chocolate fondue for two ($19.00) at the chocolate cafe. But as I found out during my last visit, Max Brenner is not all about chocolate that you can eat; there is also a large section of Max’s beverages to keep your taste buds dancing with joy.

On my most recent visit to Max’s in Castle Towers, I opted to try out a beverage that I haven’t tried before. Noticing red-topped pots on several other tables I inquired in to details of that mysterious pot from the serving staff, and ended up ordering the same pot for myself. The pot comes filled with a white chocolate drink, which is infused with spices. This is known as Max’s white chocolate chai ($6.00). The chai was certainly to my liking ,though not as sweet as I thought it would be.

Forever young forever fun bubblegum milkshake ($8.20) is one that I tasted just for the fun of it. It sure did have a fun taste to it. I stopped at a taste only because the milk shake was most suited for a hot day, and not a chilly one as the day I visited Max Brenner’s.

The café is quite spacious, but you would be lucky to find a seat during busy evening periods. Morning and afternoons are quite another story with a calm quite atmosphere prevailing in the café.

The staff are friendly during quieter times, but totally transform themselves into machine like beings when night time falls. A smile from one of them would be a rarity then. The bigger meals seem rather pricey but when it comes to good chocolate, does price actually matter?

Rating: 8.5 /10

Where: Castle Towers Shopping Centre Castle Hill NSW
Why: Great chocolate options
Cost: Starting at $3.80
When: During business hours and evenings.

Good for kids:Yes
Take away: Yes



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