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Outside Mezzapica Cakes on Norton Street

By now you all know that I am a real lover of dessert. Anytime anywhere, any excuse and I’m in. Milk, dark or white chocolate, I have no preference, I’ll have them all. Whether they are fruit filled, cream filled or custard filled, they are all my favourites. My taste buds for dessert are the reason I can often be found at Mezzapica Cakes at 130 Norton Street, Leichhardt, and this is exactly where I was this morning.

Fresh and amazing

It was 9am and the line was out the door. I found my spot on the footpath and waited patiently to get to the front of the line. Even though I had pre ordered a cake for tomorrow my mind was thinking about today; what could I have as a treat until tomorrow? What was it to be, a chocolate cannoli, an éclair or a cheesecake. Decisions, decisions. This is what happens when there are too many good things. Speaking from experience, no decision is the wrong one. You will be happy with whatever choice you make. All their products are of a high standard and have amazing tastes.

An abundance of sweet choices

As I approached the front of the line they were bringing out the Banana Caramel crème tart which put a spanner in the works. Delicious pastry filled with caramel, fresh bananas and topped with cream. Then came out the vanilla slice, followed by the custard tart. This wasn't fair.

One for me, and another for you know who.

In the end the Strawberry Fruit flan won out. Oh and two chocolate cannoli's for my husband, which is code for one for him and one for me later. Always plan ahead. My take home pre-ordered cake was the Marble Mud ($33 for ten people). A beautiful mixture of chocolate and white chocolate covered in the most divine ganache frosting. That however is for tomorrow. For right now I had a date with a strawberry fruit flan and a cup of coffee.

Strawberry tarts in abundance

The choice at Mezzapica is endless. Ranging from pastries and biscuits to celebration cakes. They also cater for specialty cakes for every occasion. Available are cakes including chocolate mud, chocolate ricotta pie, and cheesecakes as well as black forest cake. The range of pastries included vanilla slice, éclairs, Portuguese tarts as well as friands. If you are having a morning tea or a coffee with friends, you might like to take home an assortment of biscuits that include almond, amaretti or rum balls. For something different, there were also ice cream cakes available.

The mud cake ordered

With prices starting at $2, make sure you ask for a large take away box. Mezzapica has been in Leichhardt for as long as I can remember, and their cakes and pastries along with the amazing and friendly staff is proof of just how beautiful their products are. If you are after a cake for any celebration or simply craving a sweet treat, this is the place to go.

Rating: 10/10

Where: 130 Norton Street, Leichhardt NSW
Why: For all things delicious
Cost: Reasonable
Monday - Friday 9am - 5.30pm
Saturday 8.30am - 1pm
Sunday 8.30am - 12 noon

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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