Moim Kirrawee

Moim Kirrawee

Posted 2016-06-10 by Nouha Elmasrifollow
While restaurants out in the suburbs rarely gain any sort of critical acclaim, it definitely doesn't mean that the food isn't just as delicious and authentic as their more well known inner city counterparts.

[Image1 Moim in the Sutherland Shire serves up tasty Asian cuisine.]
[Link Moim] for example, tucked away in the depths of Sydney's Sutherland Shire on Kirrawee's quiet main street, has locals in raptures; with the small restaurant always overflowing with people and buzzing with chatter.

Steam from hot bowls of salty miso soup curl through the air and wooden boats are piled high with crispy gyozas and vibrant sashimi.

[Image2 Salty miso soup makes for a perfect warm starter.]
Inside the restaurant is remarkably unremarkable - essentially a beige box accented with wooden tables and chairs, with posters advertising Japanese beer and sake the extent of the interior décor. What this Japanese/Korean fusion restaurant lacks in character however it makes up for with it's vibrant and flavourful meals.

The full colour menu at Moim is sensory overload with a range of traditional sashimi and sushi on offer, as well as noodle dishes, salads, stir-fries, barbeque platters, soups, mains and bento boxes all available and sure to please most.

To get the most out of your dining experience at Moim order a little of everything and share.

[Image4 Fried gyozas are so much better than regular gyozas.]
Complimentary miso soup arrives with any main meal ordered and makes for a warming start to the meal - personal preference however dictates that I pass on the salty broth, although the sentiment is appreciated. Crispy vegetarian gyozas ($4.50/four pieces) fried to golden perfection and served with a spicy mayonnaise are much more my thing.

[Image3 Beautifully presented and accompanied by pungent pickled ginger.]
The sushi/sashimi portion of the menu at Moim boasts over 20 options, all made with fresh seafood and high quality produce. The salmon aburi sushi ($8.50/four pieces), grilled and coated in a teriyaki sauce are tasty, although lacking a little in seasoning, while the tuna and salmon sashimi ($14.80/six pieces), which arrives in a little wooden boat with pickles and wasabi is fresh, tender and full of flavour.

[Image6 Generous portions ensure you'll never leave hungry.]
Mains at Moim run from a very wallet pleasing $15.80 to $18.80 and can all be made gluten free for a small additional fee. The teriyaki salmon ($18.80) is a generous serving of salmon fillet in a subtle teriyaki sauce, while the teriyaki chicken ($15.80), served with steamed rice and a light salad, is a sweet, sticky and succulent fan favourite.

[Image7 Can't go passed a fan favourite; the teriyaki chicken.]
Moim really is a little hidden suburban gem; the busy restaurant is family friendly and definitely kind to your wallet, without skimping on flavour, quality or service.

Rating: 8/10

Where: 134 Oak Road, Kirrawee, 2232.
Cost: Entrées $2-$12; Mains $10-$23; Desserts $5-$7.
When: Open 6 days from 10am - 10pm. Closed Tuesday.
Good for kids: Yes.
Take away: No.


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