Mooberry Dessert Breakfast Bar Neutral Bay

Mooberry Dessert Breakfast Bar Neutral Bay

Posted 2014-05-25 by Justine Crowleyfollow

As of recently, I knew that a Mooberry Dessert & Breakfast Bar existed in Rhodes. On this, I recently got the opportunity to check out their new Neutral Bay location after a business meeting here. Opened in February 2014, you'll find Mooberry on Military Road with their bright pink and white seats, with a dessert bar that is begging you to "come and meet me."

Then again, when you see a large tub of Nutella on display at the front of such foodie establishments, you'll know that dessert is definitely on the menu. Great to know that you can help yourself to as much iced water as you wish, right near the coffee machine. The staff simply alert you to use the yellow latte like cups provided.

The menu is awe inspiring. With the range of choices available, the option to have a frozen yogurt (otherwise fro-yo) is a bit too bland and passe. Even though their fro-yo is freshly made in store on a daily basis; but one of the warm dessert dishes caught my fancy - yet I wasn't in the mood for anything overly sweet with an abundant serving either. Waffles and churros lovers, you'll delight in the range (although simple yet quaint) of the warm desserts that Mooberry offers.

I liked the look of the way the smoothies were presented in the menu, and therefore I'd finally made up my mind on what to have. Going for the Choc Banana smoothie ($6.50) was a wise choice. If you wish to pay via EFTPOS/credit card, there is a 50 cent surcharge for orders under $10. Opted to pay cash instead.

Sadly, the presentation on the menu board is misleading. Unfortunately the smoothies come in a plastic cup, unlike the glass cups displayed. They also ran out of the small size cups, and thereby gave me the same serving in a slightly larger plastic cup. Disappointing. It was nicer to go for some banana and chocolate (the best of both worlds) rather than just plain banana. It feels like I've disappointed you dear reader, as I wanted to take a few shots of a beautifully presented choc banana smoothie in a nice glass for a change. Never mind, it wasn't meant to be.

It was fun to watch the staff member drizzle the chocolate sauce around my cup. Quality belgian chocolate, but being in a plastic cup, I had to devour the chocolate sauce bits with my straw, and then suck from my straw. This sounds uncivilised, yet it really isn't. With a real glass, a spoon would be superb. This smoothie was refreshing and filling, however, the chocolate did overpower the banana. I had a feeling that they used some chocolate yoghurt too. A good treat once in a while, and accurately falls into the "naughty" category for their smoothies. The water came in handy, only to enjoy another top up before leaving.

There are three small floors to drink (or eat) inside. There are candles and small bunches of flowers on nearly every table. You can sit near the window and see outside on a corner of the third floor. Someone (another customer) was doing a bit of work on their laptop here.

A nice treat, and value for money wise it is just right. Not a place I'd go back to in a hurry. The experience was pretty ordinary, yet the complimentary iced water was a thoughtful touch. Sorry guys.

Rating: 5/10

Where: Shop 2, 164 Military Road Neutral Bay NSW.
Why: All things sweet, and I loved that you can help yourself to as much iced water as you want.
Cost: Smoothies (small) $6.50 each.
When: When in need of a sweet fix.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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