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Anyone living in Sydney will understand the unforgiving summer heat - those hot days that seem like they will never end. Tiring Mondays consisting of day dreams of escaping to an Italian seaside town adorned with umbrellas, a gentle breeze and delectable gelato deserts to cool the soul. As nice as jumping onto a plane to Italy at a drop of a hat would be; Sydney siders can now find a little piece of Italy in their freezers. Mr Pisa is a gelato creating genius, offering traditional flavours crafted in delicate and creative masterpieces.

Traditional Cassata

Mr Pisa is a wholesaler located at Rydelmere, and creates a range of gelatos, sorbets, gelato cakes and deserts. Established in 1968, Mr Pisa create top quality deserts using premium ingredients and traditional family recipes. Their deserts can be described as contemporary sculptures, encapsulating traditional Italian flavours. The range of flavours is extensive, giving buyers a wide menu to select from.

If an impressive outside-the-box dessert is what you are after for your next dinner party/ function, look no further than the gelato deserts. Select from flavours like Adams Apple, Baci Kiss, Cassata, Choc Mint, Lemoncello, Mango Delight and Rockmelon Gelato just to name a few.

Rockmelon Gelato

Using half of a real rockmelon with the fruit replaced with gelato, the rockmelon gelato is quirky and refreshing. The flavour tastes like that of a rock melon, but with a creamier texture. The Lemon Gelato uses the half real fruit method, and tastes like traditional lemonade. One of the most vibrant and punchier of the flavours available.
Mango delight is coated in a rich layer of white chocolate, and is more sweeter then expected.

The Refreshing Lemon Gelato

Inside the Creamy Mango Delight

The Adam’s Apple is an outstanding desert. It’s replicated assemblage is like that of a apple. The delectable gelato inside simulates that of a ripe, fresh apple.

The Impressive and realistic Adams Apple

Inside the Luxurious Adams Apple

For fruit lovers who lean towards the chocolate fan side, they will love the Passionfruit Delight. Crack through the dark outer chocolate casing into a vivid orange gelato of passionfruit. Amazing.

The Rich Passionfruit Gelato

Inside the fruity Passionfruit Gelato

Baci Kiss is indulgent in all its chocolate glory. If I could describe the flavour, it would only be best described like that of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Studded with nuts and a rich chocolate gelato inside, this is one of the richer of the gelato deserts, and is absolutely spectacular.

The Sweet Baci Kiss

The Layers inside the Baci Kiss

The Caramel Dream is like a frozen caramel milkshake, with a caramel melted centre, constructed with zabaione gelato and a white chocolate casing.

Like a Caramel Milkshake

Of all the delicious gelato deserts available, my favourite has to be the Cassata. Not only is this desert colourful and appetising to the eye, but it takes the tastebuds straight back to a traditional old school Italian kitchen. Consisting of elegant layers of torrone, chocolate and zabaione - and a unique liqueur soaked centre. Each mouthful of the layers works. It’s interesting and just down right incredible.
Pricing starts at $30 per dozen up to $44 per dozen for the gelato deserts with full details available on their website.

Cassata Heaven

Layers of Flavour

In addition to the Gelato deserts, there are tubs of gelatos available to purchase. Some of the flavours include: Chocolate, Tiramisu, Vanilla, Pistachio, Passionfruit, Cookies and Cream. These come in variety of three sizes, from the 250ml cups ($4 each), 500ml cups ($7 each), 1 Litre cups ($12 each) and 5 litre Tubs ($39 each). Personally I found the Tiramisu flavour to be the stand out, with pieces of coffee liqueur, and soaked pieces of the desert decorated throughout the gelato.

Passionfruit Gelato is refreshing and juicy

Passionfruit Gelato

Tiramisu is everything Italian in a desert

Rich creamy and coffee flavoured

Traditional Chocolate Gelato

Indulgent and rich chocolate goodness

Five-litre tubs of sorbet are also for sale ($39 each) and come in some unique flavours like Wildberry, Green Apple, Blood Orange and Mandarin.

For something fun and funky, try the Baby Pisa Cones. Miniature little cones which come in a variety of flavours including: Mango, Strawberry Surrender, Chocolate Decadence and Classic Italian Vanilla. They come in a great bite size, and are ideal for a innovative alternative to a children's birthday party cake. Pricing is 12 cones for $12, and 60 cones for $55. Mr Pisa also offer specific holiday and birthday themed cones.

Pisa Baby Cones are delicious and pint size

Mr Pisa have a selection of signature Gelato cakes which come in a variety of flavours and sizes. Choose from 8inch (starting at $36) which serves up to 15 - to large scale 14inch ($70) and serving up to 45 people. Customers can choose two gelato flavours and any additional toppings at a cost. Mr Pisa allows up to three working days for customised gelato cakes.

The quality and large variety of flavours on offer make Mr Pisa a stand out wholesaler for Italian deserts. I think the pricing is very reasonable given the exceptional quality of the products on offer. Producing one of their deserts at your next function will definitely create the wow factor. Not only for their impeccable presentation, but for the intense flavoured deserts.

I have a new found favourite for Italian deserts.

Rating: 9/10

Where: 17 Mary Parade Rydalmere NSW
Why: Traditional Italian deserts of incredible flavour and quality
Cost: Vary per items ordered
When: When in need of a cool, quality gelato fix.

Good for kids: Fantastic
Take away: Delivery



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