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Was first introduced to My Sweet Memory back a couple of years ago, while I was living in Melbourne and frequently commuting by plane to Sydney for work - not long after becoming a full-time freelance writer at the time. This was before calling Sydney home 18 months ago. The cafe at Bathurst Street (near Kent Street) was bliss at the time. A great cafe latte morning pitt stop, as well as the chance to buy a stationery item or two all in the same place was just ultra good.

Recently, I thought about this place. If you're in a need of a great place to study - bring your laptop and work away, My Sweet Memory would be it. This is one true cafe meets stationery shop. You can order a few hot dishes here, but if you're not in the mood for waffles or bacon and eggs; then you'll have to settle with a sandwich or something from the pastry family.

Upon researching to see what My Sweet memory is up to, one (or two, I think the first cafe was set up in Strathfield) cafe has now quickly turned into five. I'm looking forward to visiting them all real soon.

Otherwise (despite having the flu right now, as at the time of writing this) I enjoyed a productive Saturday morning writing away on my laptop and producing a few more articles. A great 90 minutes well spent here. You don't feel rushed at all. In saying this, if this cafe did become crowded like Pitt Street, I would have gladly left and made room for other customers. This is students paradise otherwise. I think they have free WiFi, although I did not mind bringing and using my own Internet modem to do some work online here.

Their trading hours are impressive too - even on weekends.

My cafe latte ($3.20) was served with a smile. Not too bad. There is some water to help yourself too. I did not think about that too much, as my mind was on doing a bit of work. One sugar did the trick, and I also enjoyed the almond croissant ($4.95). Beautifully presented and rather moist. It just filled the spot. Was tossing up between that and something more hearty to eat. I am thrilled I chose "that" instead. Great treats, and great service. A fairly good ambience. It is a little chilly (even with a coat on) if you sit near the back door and it's open.

Highly recommended for a sit down treat if you have a bit of work to do simultaneously; even if it is to catch up on e-mails. Or a good pitt stop alone or with a mate. Thanks My Sweet Memory for a sweet Saturday morning.

Rating: 8/10

Where: 95 Bathurst Street Sydney NSW.
Why: Great ambience, and you don't feel rushed. Good service and treats.
Cost: My bill came to $8.15. Pay and then sit down. Full table service is also enjoyed.
When: 6:30am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Impressive.

Good for kids: Yes. There are some cold drinks available in plastic cups too.
Take away: Yes



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