N2 Extreme Gelato Sydney

N2 Extreme Gelato Sydney

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Salivate and treat yourself to a new type of icecream Nitrogen Gelato.

The sun has shone its hot rays here in Sydney this summer, and what better way to enjoy the weather than with a scoop of frozen gelato to cool down. What makes licking your spoons or biting into waffle cones more exciting is discovering a gelato bar that takes this dessert to a whole new level. In little Dixon Street just outside of Chinatown; mad scientists experiment with fresh ingredients; a whole lot of milk ,and a good dose of liquid nitrogen to bring Sydney Food Lovers the freshest, coolest and most exciting gelato to indulge in this summer. Welcome to N2 Extreme Gelato .

The entrance to Sydneys scientific gelato bar

If there are two words to describe the vibe of N2, it would be innovative and scientific. The gelato making process is just like that of a scientific experiment. Fresh ingredients that are stored in liquid form inside beakers are poured into the bowls of Kitchen Aid mixers. With the machine turned on and churning the ingredients; the liquid nitrogen is slowly added, and the gelato bar then becomes surrounded with an icy fog erupting from up and around the metal bench as the ingredients begin to take their smooth, creamy gelato-like state. Don’t worry; these food experiments are all completely safe. The only thing being frozen here are the ingredients.

Unlike most ice-cream and gelato bars, the glass windows by the counter don’t overlook into rows and tubs of creamy, vibrant flavours of ice cream. The walls aren’t a typical white. There are no candy stripes or seats with intricate laced backings. Two scoops of ice-cream are non-existent. N2 is the complete opposite.

Cages, photo frames, dim lighting and bright colours make up the ambience of N2.

While the walls enclosing this gelato bar are chalk black, its décor is vibrant and colourful. Retro-coloured plastic stools of bright yellow and red are set up along the left side of the gelato bar. They’re placed ideally in a position to give you a chance to watch the gelato action in front of you, before turning around to face the bright red bench to sit your paper cup, and then indulge in your scoop of nitrogen gelato. Of course, there are group areas of colourful oil drum tables and stools also set up towards the back of the bar. As for the two scoops, N2 might confuse ice-cream lovers with their two scoops - you don’t need it concept; however after ordering just the one scoop, you’ll understand that one is definitely enough.

Current flavours on offer

The flavours change on a regular basis, but popping over to N2 this season will have you choosing between Mango Sorbet, Strawberries and Cream, Lavender and Almond Fed White Choc Fudge, Strawberries and Champagne Sorbet, Sour Cream Chocolate and Salted Caramel. As if these flavours weren’t indulgent enough, say hello to N2Black - a step further up the scientific experimental space. This season, it’s Pandan Crème Brulee and Ferrero Reveal.

Salted Caramel Gelato topped off with black lava salt

Creamy and smooth with a deep caramel-tanned colour is one way to describe the texture and appearance of N2’s Salted Caramel Gelato. Flavour wise, salty and sweet it was indeed, yet it resembled a combination that perhaps wasn’t as well-balanced as it could have been. On top of this classic gelato flavour is a generous sprinkle of black lava salt - the salty aspect of the gelato. Breaking through the top layer of this Salted Caramel Gelato may give your taste buds an overwhelming amount of salty flavour before you hit deeper through the cup to reveal a more pleasant, evenly sweet and salty caramel flavour. Regardless, the caramel was quite rich and indulgent, and no doubt will please any caramel ice-cream lover.

N2Black Flavour Ferrero Reveal. Inspired by the chocolate itself.

If Ferrero Rocher’s are your favourite kind of chocolate, you’ll happily consume this N2Black beauty, Ferrero Reveal. There are four components to this particular flavour, all inspired by the chocolate itself, which makes it an absolute standout. Inside the cup sits a delicious Nutella and Hazelnut Gelato, with extra hazelnut pieces giving texture against the smooth, light-chocolate coloured gelato. Like a choc-top ice-cream or the exterior of a Ferrero Rocher, acting as a barrier between the spoon and the ice cream is a crunchy rice bubble and chocolate topping; an excellent textural addition to the creamy gelato. The finishing touches to the creation are the warm chocolate ganache syringe and crispy wafer slice. Although it may be a messy mission to break through and consume all layers of this gelato, however your taste buds will be thanking you endlessly.

Where mad science meets fresh ingredients, N2 Extreme Gelato is the place for ice-cream lovers looking for an exciting, modern twist on the classic summer treat. There is more to N2 than just scoops of gelato. Happiness is also written on the menu, but lucky for customers, that item comes for free.

No apologies from N2 Extreme Gelato for being indulgent

Rating: 9/10

Where: N2 Extreme Gelato, 43/1 Dixon Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Why: Generous servings, and overall just a great concept of creating gelato. Being able to watch your gelato come together is also an exciting experience.
Cost: $6 for one scoop, and $8 for N2Black flavours,
When: Mon-Sun 1pm-11pm. Late night becomes quite busy due to the modern atmosphere.

Good for kids: Definitely
Take away: Yes



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