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Choose from an array of freshly made breakfasts

Tucked into the corner of Bronte Road and Allens Parade sits a narrow slice of flavoured milks and buttered crumpets. What may sound like your primary school breakfast has been transformed into the adult-appropriate Nelson Road Tuck Shop.

Nelson Road Tuckshop spills onto the sidewalk

Cutlery is selfserve

The boyfriend and I made our way there on a wet Sydney morning at around 10am, where most of the seats had been taken, of which are not a lot due to the size of the place. Yet they've done well with what they have, a large communal bar table taking up the inside of the cafe, with smaller tables and chairs littered across the sidewalk.

Cockatoo lamp

Menus are presented, and while bottles of tap water are self-served, orders are taken at the tables for the convenience of customers. The cafe gives a nod to Australia, with tokens such as cockatoo sculptures and native Australian flowers scattered throughout. Local made chocolate and jam are able to be purchased, of which make nice gifts or treats for home.


The menu is not large, and is divided up into breakfast, and a build your own lunch menu available from 11:30 am. While I preferred the appeal of the customisable lunch menu, it was too early in the day, and so I settled for the sweet option of crumpets with bananas, honey, nut butter and praline. The boyfriend choose the Tuckshop Brekky, comprising of soft boiled eggs, pancetta, tomatoes, avocado and seasonal smash on sourdough bread.

Tuckshop Brekky

Campos coffee was on offer, which I must admit is not my favourite, so I opted for tea to warm me from the cold and wet breeze that was hitting my back as we sat on the bar table. It was presented beautifully in a large blue pot with a floral tea cup, miniature milk jug and strainer. Other options such as cheesecake infused milk and pre-made juices in mason jars were displayed in the large fridge that occupies most of the cafe. These juices are available to be taken away, and the jars returned where juice is able to be re-purchased at a discounted price.

A large pot of tea is beautifully presented

The service was not the fastest for a number of customers, especially as items such as my crumpets were already made, and just had to be re-heated. They did taste delicious, with the freshness of the bananas contrasting against the super sweet honey and praline. The eggs in the Tuckshop Brekky were partly cold when they arrived at the table, and while presented beautifully did not taste appealing.


The menu did provide some kid friendly options, such as the sausage and egg muffin and the pastries, yet lacked simple items such as plain juices for the fussy drinkers who would not find options with mint, carrot or beetroot agreeable. Overall I would say Nelson Road Tuckshop is more adult friendly, due to the specificity of the menu and the limited seats available.

Breakfast menu

Build your own lunch menu

Rating: 7/10

Where: 60 Bronte Road Bondi Junction NSW
Why: Tuckshop food for adults
Cost: Food: $4 - $18. Drinks $4 - $12.
When: 7 days, 7am - 4pm.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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