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Just a stone’s throw behind Green Square station, located close to bustling Botany Road but nestled away from the loud traffic, Numero Uno is Beaconsfield’s latest coffee roaster and vendor. Since opening the doors in late 2013, owner Gina has done a nice job converting an old warehouse space into a bright, funky but totally relaxed space to take in the coffee aroma and watch the beans being worked on while you sip your brew of choice.

Numero Uno the company began not far away in Zetland in 2003, but the coffee comes from Colombia and elsewhere around the globe. On the morning I was in there to write this, for example, they had a Kenya brew displayed on the chalkboard as the current special blend, and the business also has some history in Melbourne since then.

So, how’s the coffee I hear you ask? In a word, it’s good. Very good. Smooth and made by skillful baristas, available in any version you might want, including with soy milk or straight up. There’s an array of cookies and some snacks available to go with your beverage, and there’s ample seating, including simple wooden chairs and tables in the sun-drenched bay windows at the entrance; together with a communal long table or one of the two large sized couches that make you feel right at home and come complete with coffee table books to read while you sip.

They’ve thought through the layout well at Numero Uno, and a decent amount of people can fit in the space without it feeling crowded, and all the seating is well out of the way of the machinery towards the back, but you can still watch the magic happen.

Gina is clearly passionate about her coffee. She is passionate about the people who grow it and how it’s processed and served. That shines through once you check out her short introductory video on this restaurants website.

Although I’m yet to work my way through the whole coffee menu here, I’m happy to keep coming back and trying to do just that, and they’re lucky I live close enough that I don’t have to set up camp there with my laptop and work from those lush couches. It’s a tempting thought, and would be easy to pass at least a few straight hours that way.

When the weather’s good, there are also crates and small tables set up on the wooden verandahs outside, so you can sit there and watch the world go by too. Generally, if you’re not up for the hustle and bustle of the Grounds, and you don’t want to brave the horrible traffic on Botany Road; but you want a chilled out vibe and great coffee, you'll want Numero Uno.

Rating: 10/10

Where: 56 Victoria Street Beaconsfield NSW.
Why: Great industrial setting, and for the coffee.
Cost: $3.50-$10
When: Mon-Fri - 8am-4pm

Good for kids: Yes with supervision.
Take away: Yes



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