Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine Sydney City

Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine Sydney City

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Sydney's Chinatown is a place where there are Asian restaurants galore, and diners are relatively luckily as there are so many quality restaurants to be found in this area. Old Town Hong Kong is a restaurant serving Hong Kong cuisine. It opened sometime in 2013, and its busy location as well as the quality food have made it into a popular place to eat.

Streetview of Old Town Hong Kong

Interior of Old Town Hong Kong

Before coming to Old Town Hong Kong, I had seen pictures of their Peking Duck bun on Instagram, and was eager to try this, along with the other traditional Chinese dishes that were on offer. When we stepped into the restaurant, it was early on a Monday evening, and there were already a few diners inside. A waiter greeted us politely and led us to an empty table, and brought us copies of the menu.

Old Town Hong Kongs menu

I'm usually not a fan of Chinese food, but many of the dishes on Old Town Hong Kong's menu sounded particularly appealing. One of my friends was particularly excited that they had Pipis on the menu, so we ordered that, as well as a few other dishes. As in the style of most Asian restaurants, the food arrived very quickly after we ordered.

Peking Duck with Bun 8.00 for two

The Peking Duck with Bun was the main attraction for me, and they were presented in an appealing manner. The open bun is a trend that has been adopted by a few other places, namely Momufuku and Ippudo. Old Town Hong Kong has picked up on this trend, and has perfected it. I've previously tried this kind of open bun at Ippudo and much prefer Old Town Hong Kong's version. Perhaps it was the element of peking duck, or their cooking method, but it was much tastier and something I'd come back to eat. The peking duck was succulent, and its flavour was accentuated by the addition of shallots and hoi sin sauce.

Old Town Hong Kongs Fried Pipis in XO Sauce with Deep Fried Vermicilli 36.80

The fried pipis in XO sauce was what my friend and I had been craving. Although I usually don't care too much for pipis, I found Old Town Hong Kong's pipis rather delicious. They stuck to the classic and traditional method of cooking them. The sauce was tasty, and wasn't overly oily. The pipis were also fresh and soft. The deep fried vermicelli lay underneath the pipis, and had a nice, firm texture, and wasn't overcooked. I thought all the elements of the dish worked well together, and that it was particularly delicious and filling as well.

Xiao Long Bao 7.80

The Xiao Long Bao is a steamed dumpling usually containing soup. A typical filling for these dumplings is pork, which is what our dumplings were filled with. The Xiao Long Bao was accompanied by a rice vinegar sauce with slivers of ginger. The meat inside the xiao long bao was tender and flavoursome, and the bun had also been cooked at the right amount as well. The bun was quite soft and moist, and was a pleasure to eat with the vinegar and ginger sauce.

Close up of Old Towns Xiao Long Bao

Dipping sauce for the Xiao Long Bao

Siu Mai with Pork and Prawn 7.80

Our last dish, the siu mai, is a favourite of mine. I always eat this dish at yum cha, but I found that all the other versions of this pale in comparison to Old Town Hong Kong's siu mai. The siu mai at Old Town Hong Kong was cooked perfectly and tasted like it had been made to order.

Overall, I really enjoyed dining at Old Town Hong Kong. For a Chinese restaurant, Old Town exceeded my expectations with its pleasant and friendly service which was unexpected; especially as I usually find the service at most Asian restaurants abrupt and cold. The pricing was quite reasonable for the portion sizes, and all of us left feeling satisfied and full. For the prices of the dim sum, I think the prices may have been a little bit more expensive than other Asian restaurants serving the same dishes, but I thought the quality was exceptional which justifies the price. The ambience was very clean, and I didn't find the restaurant noisy. It was a good environment to sit and chat with friends over a satisfying meal.

Rating: 9/10

Where: 10A Dixon Street Sydney City NSW.
Why: Good quality Chinese cuisine at affordable prices.
Cost: Medium range. Between 4 people we paid about $26 each for 4 dishes.
When: Open from lunch until late, 7 days a week.

Good for kids: No
Take away: Yes



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