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Posted 2014-04-01 by Sharm Jayfollow
Finding an Oliver Brown cafe at DFO in Homebush totally by accident, it did make me forget about shopping for the tiniest moment. All that walking, and all that hand work in deciding on what to buy and what not to buy had drained me. All I wanted to do was sit at a decent cafe and have a cup of coffee... undisturbed. Imagine my delight at finding this quiet, warm and spacious cafe filled with the one thing I will never get enough of: chocolate.

The sight of the Oliver Brown cafe indeed was an answer to a silent prayer, as I was certainly not in the mood to settle for a food court experience.

The quiet, clean appearance of the place; the apt Easter themed deco and the welcoming smiles of the staff roaming the premises definitely had something to do with moving me towards this cafe. I surely was as excited as a kid in a candy shop.

The tempting display of easter bunny shaped chocolates got me confused for a moment, but the overwhelming need for a coffee took me away from those delicious looking bunnies and over to a quiet spot to rest my feet, and my tired hands.

My choice of beverage for the day was the OB Belgium Mocha ($6.00). What a delightful cup of deliciousness that was. I most certainly did not think that the cup of espresso with more than a shot of Belgium milk chocolate would send me to a state of a chocolate high. OB's cup of Mocha alone definitely managed to wipe off the tiredness away from my over-shopped aching limbs.

With my thirst dealt with, I then decided to try out a delicacy that was not savoury and not so sweet. I found that ideal balance lying on a plate inside a glass dome in the form of a almond friand. The sweet delicate little cake with its melt in the mouth texture, and that just enough sweetness was enough to satisfy my hunger and send me off roaming the shops once again.

As I said my goodbyes to the friendly, welcoming waiting staff at the counter; I said a loud thank you for the service and a quiet thank you for who ever had that brilliant idea of bringing all that goodness Oliver Brown had to offer to the direct factory outlet complex. OB only added to the delight of shopping at DFO.

Rating: 8.5/10

Where: Shop 3-046 Direct Factory Outlet
3-5 Underwood Road Homebush NSW.
Why: Relaxing atmosphere, good food & beverages.
Cost: Chocolate goodness in meals starting at $6.
When: Shopping hours

Good for kids:Yes
Take away: Yes



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