Opera Kitchen Bennelong Point

Opera Kitchen Bennelong Point

Posted 2014-04-22 by Su Lwinfollow
Opera Kitchen is a casual eatery that my brother and I spontaneously ended up dining at one evening after our dinner plans went awry. We both had plans to dine at another restaurant nearby, but due to the rain and being pressed for time, we decided instead to eat at Opera Kitchen, because of its close vicinity to the Opera House - where we went thereafter.

Fruit mocktail at Opera Kitchen

If you have ever had drinks and eaten at Opera Bar, Opera Kitchen is situated right next to it, and operates in the same fashion. You queue at the bar and order your food and drinks, and take a seat and wait for your order to be brought out to you. My brother had said that the burgers were good at Opera Kitchen, so I opted for the Spicy Espanol Burger ($21.50) while my brother chose the Barra Burger, also for the same price.

The Barra Burger

We didn't have much time to eat before the ballet started, so I was worried that the food would take a long time to arrive. Luckily both of our meals were brought to our table in around 10-15 minutes.

Seating at Opera Kitchen

All the burgers at Opera Kitchen are served with a side of chips and your choice of sauce on the side. The burgers were presented on a wooden chopping board in an attempt to be trendy, but seemed to be an imitation of the many other burger restaurants serving up their meals in the same fashion.

The Spicy Espanol Burger

The burger was also a little on the small side despite the hefty price tag, and the taste wasn't enough to justify the price either. The Spicy Espanol burger consisted of pulled pork, chorizo, chilli, cheese, rocket, and mayonnaise.

Opera Kitchens menu

There was also a whole jalopeno pinned to the top of the bun which I found wholly unappealing. The pulled pork lived up to its namesake, and it was spicy enough but was somewhat dry. If the meat had been cooked to a satisfactory point, I think this could have made the burger taste a lot better, but unfortunately it wasn't. It was rather average, and so were the chips.

Overall, I didn't feel that we got much value for our money, and would not bother coming here again. The popularity of the location also makes it extremely difficult to find a seat; therefore I wouldn't recommend this place at all.

Rating: 5/10

Where: The underground level of Sydney Opera House, near Opera Bar.
Why: For an interesting range of burgers, hot dogs and seafood.
Cost: $20 for burgers, which I find rather overpriced.
When: From 7:30am until late seven days a week.

Good for kids: No
Take away: No



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