Oporto Kogarah

Oporto Kogarah

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Oporto is right near the entrance to Kogarah station

There are dozens of places to eat in the busy southern Sydney suburb of Kogarah. Some of them are good, while others are somewhat questionable.

Against my better judgment, but at my daughter’s wishes, we ate lunch at Oporto , which is just near the railway station.

Curse those menu boards

The thing that gets me about the fast food chains is that the menu boards are so confusing. Everything is so big and jumbled; it's like they’re shouting at you. In the old days, the menu boards were clear lists, usually in some sort of logical order. But these days they’re a scrambled mess, like they’ve let loose a young designer straight out of art school.

At least they have the Meal price next to the Burger-only price, so it’s easy to compare the value.

Quiet now, but busy at lunch time.

So, after carefully reading every option on all the boards, and then having to seek advice from the person behind the counter anyway; I ordered an Otropo Meal, which was at the curious price of $10.98. For this I got a burger that had two pieces of chicken schnitzel, bacon, pineapple, lettuce and too much sauce, as well as chips and my choice of a drink (Coke thanks).

The Rapsnacker includes one pack of chips not two

My daughter went for one of the Cheap Eats options – a ‘Rapsnacker’ for $4.98, which was a small wrap with chicken and iceberg lettuce, chips and a choice of drink.

What’s with the 98 cent price point?

Why dont the real things look as good as the pictures

The chips were okay, perhaps a little too floury, with just a bit of an oily after-taste that the Coke quickly killed.

They have mainly burgers for sale, but also have some chicken pieces.

There is Frozen Coke and Raspberry Fanta available in two size options.

All this for ten dollars and 98 cents

I noticed a sign on the counter which said that this store won the Oporto Rookie of the Year Award in 2012, if anything, giving an indication of how long the store has been trading.

The service was nothing special. The young girl didn’t crack a smile once during the time we were in there. Why oh why don’t they train these young people to simply offer a polite smile?

There are a handful of tables and benches in the store. The music was playing which was a little too loud.

You can also buy squeeze bottles of their own sauces in ‘Prego’ or ‘Chilli’ flavours.

Therefore, if you fancy a burger when you’re in Kogarah; Oporto is a reasonable option, especially if you have 98 cents in loose change.

Rating: 7/10

Where: 1 Railway Parade Kogarah NSW
Why: It's okay if you like chicken burgers
Cost: Everything ends in 98 cents
When: Every day, morning to evening.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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