Pancakes On The Rocks The Rocks

Pancakes On The Rocks The Rocks

Posted 2013-11-17 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Cant wait to tuck into these simple yet awesome pancakes

Pancakes On The Rocks , I am so glad to have finally re-discovered you with my boyfriend recently. You were a great place with a group of friends on a Friday night in the past; yet you're ever so sweet on a wet Sunday afternoon. You lifted my spirits, and you cured my hunger pains at The Rocks. This is only the beginning.

A hip and happening ambience for sure

To begin with, we were lucky enough to nab ourselves a great table in a flash. We were told to wait a moment. We could not believe our eyes with the abundance of customers. Sure, you are a chain of pancake stores - however the ambience felt like a top class restaurant. Love it so far. My only qualm, your door should be a bit wider. I felt squeezed in as soon as customers were leaving the restaurant, while my mate and I were waiting on a suitable table. Swerving to the left consistently felt a little odd, yet that moment passed - just like any.

My Iced Coffee

We were seated at a table right near the service area. Normally that means noise and inconveniences central. Not here though. The dishes looked well presented, with the need for salivation.

My boyfriend and I were copy cats. We both went for the Four Stack Pancakes ($9.95 each) with ice cream and maple syrup. We were impressed at the warp speed and slick service from the staff. Us hungry busters were able to tuck in right away. So heavenly. Loved the thick batter, and the ice cream was a great topper. We were given two little jugs of maple syrup each, yet only needed to use one of these jugs.

Making a gastronomic mess

Drinks wise, my man went for the Skinny Latte ($3.50 off hand) and he devoured it. Beautifully presented in a tall glass. Just one size for coffee is available. Meanwhile I opted for the Iced Coffee ($4.50), and had to leave some of it behind. I loved the coffee hit, yet there was too much cream in it. Too creamy for my liking. It would have been good to have received a small scoop of ice cream, and less cream to counter balance it all out. Never mind, this did not damper the pleasant experience otherwise.

Were all enjoying ourselves here

The staff were friendly. There was a small queue to pay, yet all good. Courteous all round. Awesome food for sure. It would be great if their front door was a little wider, if this was all possible. Cheers.

A good decision made on what to eat

Rating: 9/10

Where: Pancakes On The Rocks, 4 Hickson Road Sydney NSW.
Why: Awesome pancakes at great prices. Kick ass customer service is enjoyed.
Cost: My bill came to $27.90
When: On a wet Sunday afternoon when you have not had lunch prior.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Not sure - did not ask.



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