Pancakes On The Rocks Beverly Hills

Pancakes On The Rocks Beverly Hills

Posted 2014-01-01 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Delicious original pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream

As my Pancakes On The Rocks experiences at The Rocks was pretty great, I decided to give my more local version of this pancakes joint a real test drive. In fact, I have done so on two separate occasions now. On one occasion, I was with my boyfriend; while on the second occasion I came here alone. It is helpful that this Pancakes On The Rocks is only a short walk to my house. A wonderful way to burn off those yummy original pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream.

Glimpse of the good ambience

On both experiences, the service did not disappoint. This is a kid-friendly restaurant. Ample high chairs are available, and families do come here quite often - as well as those who just love their pancakes of the sweet or super sweet variety.

Pesto and Pinenut Bread with a glimpse of the Banana Swiss Milkshake

From what was once a steakhouse, is now pancakes paradise for sure. When all you want are some of their original pancakes, then I highly recommend you bypass the middleman entrees and head straight for a Long Stack ($9.95), comprising of four plain thick and fluffy pancakes. You can choose from cream or ice cream. Despite the ice cream melting way too quickly at times, ice cream always wins with two jugs of maple syrup. And so does that 10km jog. More on that another time, yet you get the point.

Cant wait to tuck in

On my first visit with a party of two, we both enjoyed the above in the pancakes department. So filling, and such great value for money. My boyfriend loves their skinny lattes (coffee), while I had to try a Lemon Iced Tea ($2.75). The latter does not have that strong, overpowering tea sensation - yet the flavours are well and truly there.

The homely feel is alive and well

On my recent visit, I had to wait outside for a few minutes while they were getting some tables ready. The noise level was quiet as. Lovely. This time I went for a shorter stack of their original pancakes ($7.95 for two), and they were just as divine. Filling central. Drinks wise, I went for the Banana Swiss Milkshake ($3.75), and that banana taste - so sweet yet so like a real banana. A bit too frothy though. Half the cup lands in froth, even though the milk levels are perfect. Perfect in the sense that you won't go home to a bloated tummy.

Love those fresh oven nuts and herbs

The entree was impressive. Went for the Pesto & Pinenut Bread ($7.95), and I loved those herbs. It was just like and as filling as a pizza. The pine nuts were hot and freshly roasted from the oven, with just the right amount of saltiness without reaching for some water. Speaking of the latter, I forgot to ask for some. Oh well, next time. On that Beverly Hills, there will be a next time to come here and enjoy some more delicious pancakes in the future.


Right outside this Beverly Hills institution

Rating: 10/10

Where: 507 King Georges Road Beverly Hills NSW
Why: Pancakes. Great value for money. Great service and a perfect location.
Cost: On my most recent visit, the bill came to $19.85.
When: Lunch time, and when you want some pancakes.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes. There are pancake kits you can buy and cook your own Pancakes On The Rocks original pancakes at home. Gotta love that.



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