Papadinos Pizzeria Katoomba

Papadinos Pizzeria Katoomba

Posted 2013-02-10 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Delicious pizzas at Papadinos Pizzeria

It is great to see that Papadino's in Katoomba has
re-opened. Italian paradise has been revived. After a period of renovating, this Italian restaurant is thriving, and it will feel like you have landed yourself under the Tuscan Sun, or to escape Sydney, and then The Blue Mountains for a free trip to Italy. If there was a qualm about this place, it would be too small.

The timing needs to be perfect. If you're coming here for lunch on a weekend (rain, hail or shine), it is imperative that you arrive at around 12:30pm. You have a grace period of maybe an extra 15 minutes, and then 'good luck' in getting a table is all I can say. A modern, friendly Italian tavern feel.

See, this place gets frantically busy at lunch time.

It can feel a little selfish nabbing a booth that sits four people, when there are only two people eating in. The booths are numbered tables one to eight, with each representing an island of Italy. With my Italian friend, we're in Sicily, or Sicilia.

Also a great kid friendly establishment. Kids playing with dough that gets cooked later.

Enjoy your own version of Eat. Pray. Love. with some delicious, piping hot pizza. Yum. Ordering a medium seafood pizza ($17) was regretful due to the size, yet there were three quality slices left for later. The cheese was abundant, and it would melt in your mouth within the first couple of bites on the first couple of slices. Our intent was to eat with our fingers (as the Romans do), however that may have been disrespectful to some amazing pizza. The cheese is mozzarella, and the baby prawns with oregano just complimented each other, and especially with some home made tomato sauce.

Delicious iced coffee with some pizza

My friend went for some garlic pizza, and it was okay yet flavoursome. I tried a piece of his medium Mediterranean pizza ($17), and that was just as delicious. For the life of me I cannot remember the feel of the flavours in my mouth. There was a lot of conversational ground to catch up on. Our pizzas all came at once, even though we would have preferred our entree (the garlic pizza) to come before the mains. Never mind.

Our island table. Bliss.

The kids were spoilt. They were given some dough, and a rolling pin to create some dough pieces they get to prepare, and to then enjoy later. Pretty clever and ultra cool. If my friend takes away, he loves the meatballs. So cosy on a cold night in the mountains.

At the front counter area.

The iced coffee ($4.50) was refreshing, and just hit the spot. Just the right amount of everything: coffee, whipped cream and milk.

The delicious garlic pizza

Cant wait to devour the seafood pizza

About two hours went by just like that, and we were given a couple of sheets of foil to wrap up our treats for later. It is just easy to pay and order at the counter at the beginning.


Will definitely give them a try next time

Rating: 10/10

Where: Papadino's Pizzeria Restaurant, 48 Katoomba Street Katoomba NSW 2780.
Contact: (02) 4782 1696
Why: Delicious pizza and awesome service.
Cost: My bill (medium pizza and iced coffee) came to $21.50
When: Saturday lunchtime, arrive at around 12:30pm.

Good for kids: Definitely. Very kid friendly.
Take away: Yes.



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