Paramount Coffee Project Surry Hills

Paramount Coffee Project Surry Hills

Posted 2013-10-16 by Justine Crowleyfollow
[iMAGE1 Really happy here. About to enjoy the tart and latte and the tea station.]

Paramount Coffee Project, I'm so glad you're brewing us up. If you like Reuben Hills, you're in great company. Step inside this open spaced cafe, and it is easy to feel like you've just stepped into a warehouse. Staff are wearing mufti in the trendiest of aprons, and the odd tattoo comes out of hiding. Who cares. They're so friendly, and if you have a chance to speak with one of them - they're great company.

The tea maitre

Recently opened on Commonwealth Street, and this coffee haven is only a short stroll from either Central or Museum train stations. My only qualm: a lack of adequate seating. There is a communal table, with elegant plants that gets snapped up. Otherwise, sit yourself in a cosy corner, or sip cafe society sitting up on a cushion. There's always the tea bar. The latter is a great show in itself. Watch a 'tea maitre' brew some different teas. The drinks menu is so extensive, you need to come back and try something different every time.

Could not resist that fruit tart, after seeing all of this.

A cafe that can be easily mistaken for an art gallery. Definitely not noisy, and the background music is awesome.

Great service indeed. A bottle of water is immediately handed to you, like the law of attraction has just granted your wish. Coffee is a must. You'll leave satisfied. Even if you decide to walk through Hyde Park, and back to the city centre. $8.50 was money well spent for an apple and pear tart, together with an awesome latte.


If you need your sugar while chilling out at the tea matire station, you'll need to ask for it. Otherwise jugs are a plenty elsewhere. So homely here, despite a slightly artistic warehouse feel. Definitely contemporary. I just can't believe the abundance of open space, and a lack of tables thereof.

Fells like an art gallery in here

Love the latte art. The barista must have been a surgeon in a previous life. He nailed it. The latte was too good to drink. After one cup, you'll be wide awake for the rest of the day with a second. One cup is enough to put a smile on anyone's dial.

The open plan kitchen. Now, thats a good sign.

Both cash and credit cards are accepted. Staff need to become attune to technology as iPads are the new cash registers - apparently. Nothing old school here, except for some tea and caffeine charm. Not to mention the service that many of us have known to love.

Perfect service and coffee.

Rating: 10/10

Where: Paramount Coffee Project, 80 Commonwealth Street Surry Hills.
Why: Awesome coffee.
Cost: My bill came to $8.50 - coffee and tart. Water complimentary.
When: Brunch time. Cafe is open from 7am to 4pm daily.

Good for kids: For sure.
Take away: Yes



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