Pattisons Patisserie Hornsby

Pattisons Patisserie Hornsby

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Pattisons Patisserie, located inside Hornsbys Westfield.

When it comes to sweet pastries, it is easy for the eyes to become immediately drawn to the shininess of glazes, the glistening of icing, and the caramelisation of sugar and meringues. It requires precision and patience to create this idea of perfection that is normally associated with the creation of desserts. It is perfection that drives and inspires the creation of the sweet treats that are displayed in the cabinets of Pattison’s Patisserie in Hornsby’s Westfield. From one glass display to another, rows and shelves of cakes and sweet pastries line up all symmetrical and consistent, priding on the patisserie’s philosophy to bring customers a taste of perfection.

The menu boards propped up against the wall

If you’re familiar with the phrase, less is more, then you’ll discover it’s just one way to describe Pattison’s. Simplicity and attention to detail is the main feature of this cafés desserts and ambience. The signage is a plain, sleek black rectangle with Pattison’s written across the canvas in white serif font. The menu board compliments the look of the patisserie sign with the same black board and white writing, plastered up against the sleek wooden frame. Just below the menu boards are square mirrors, adding a little decoration and an appealing element to the patisserie’s atmosphere.

Inside the dining area, hidden, secluded and a quiet place to sit and indulge in a few treats.

Unlike other patisseries, the premises is widely open, with only the seating area hidden around the side. It’s almost difficult to walk past the patisserie without taking a quick glance to the displays, or even stopping mid-walking in order to give into the temptation of indulging in the sweet treats in front of you. If you are unable to grab a seat by the secluded dining area, there are other seats outside in the open, just a few steps off to the side of the patisserie. Inside the dining area, the atmosphere continues to follow the minimalist and simplistic approach with shades of coffee brown, more mirrors pressed above the wooden timber walls, and a series of circular wooden tables with matching seats. The far back-side of the dining area is occupied with comfortable leather lounges of group seating.

Delicious cakes and pastries arranged in rows inside the display cabinet

You might gather a sense that Pattison’s is a sophisticated and classy coffee shop with twice as many display cabinets and pastries on offer, ranging from both sweet and savoury treats. In the first window, closest to Woolworths - large cakes and smaller sweet treats make an appearance. Well-known French pastries can be discovered here, as well as common favourites in their simplest form. Tarts with buttery shortcrust pastry, indulgent and rich chocolate cakes and slices, and fruity treats with flaky, golden pastry are all created with inspiration from their French origin, keeping in mind the minimalist approach and attention to detail to dessert construction at Pattison’s. The desserts aren’t extravagant or vibrant in bombs of colour or obnoxious designs. Rather, they are brought back to their simple and humble beginnings.

More sweet treats to dazzle your eyes

Moving along the window display will find you overlooking into the hot food cabinet with quiches, pies and rolls; options open for a savoury experience instead. The small hot food and savoury display adds a slight division to separate one side of the cakes and sweets from the other. The cabinet closest to the dining area features more French inspired desserts with none other than macarons. Chocolate, honeycomb, strawberry and caramel, to name a few flavours, all line up in a perfect and orderly fashion. Once you’ve decided on your choice of pastry, simply place your order and pick up a number to set on your table where your pastries will be brought to you.

Chocolate Religious two layers of golden choux pastry filled with a creamy chocolate creme patissiere.

The Chocolate Religious ($6.60 eat-in) is a delicious two-layer choux pastry and custard treat, perfect for the chocoholic or the friend with a sweet tooth. The larger profiterole sits on a paper case with its golden puffed exterior encasing smooth, thick, chocolatey custard on the inside. The smaller profiterole completes the dessert, sitting on top of the larger with a sweetened whipped cream in-between the two, and another piping to finish it off. Its chocolate glaze glistens nicely, and this fancier version of a profiterole is a great choice for anyone who loves the French pastry.

Vanilla Creme Brulee crunchy caramel with a smooth custard

A classic French dessert with a delicate texture and lovely flavour is the Crème Brulee ($6.60 eat-in). Pattison’s version of this French classic keeps in tone with the simplicity and elegance of the café. It mirrors a typical crème brulee with sweet custard topped with a caramelised sugar topping. Breaking through the thin layer of golden brown caramelised sugar reveals a smooth, thick vanilla bean custard. Pattison’s crème brulee is quite creamy, and the vanilla bean is folded throughout the custard, creating a strong vanilla flavoured presence in the dessert.

Lemon Meringue Tart sticky Italian meringue, lemon filling and buttery shortcrust pastry.

To balance between the flavours of sweet and sour, the Lemon Meringue Tart ($6.85 eat-in) is another delicious dessert on Pattison’s menu. This small, individual-sized tart features a sweet, shortcrust pastry base with a thick, lemon filling inside. It is finished off with an Italian meringue, shaped to peaks before being torched a golden brown to create that sticky, sweet marshmallow-like texture. The curd inside this tart is much more solid compared to other lemon meringue tarts, yet still has a smooth, light and creamy texture. Pattison’s lemon meringue tart leans towards the sweeter side and therefore lacks the zingy, sour lemon punch normally found in this dessert. Nevertheless, for someone who enjoys a sweet lemon tart, this would still be a lovely treat.

Dessert isnt complete without a cup of coffee. In this case, a mocha 3.95.

Located conveniently inside Hornsby Westfield, this patisserie would be the perfect stop for an afternoon tea after a day of shopping. Over a cup of tea or coffee, any dessert lover will love to find themselves sitting and indulging in a few of Pattison’s French-inspired pastries, which from appearance alone look irresistible. Simply put, to quote Pattison’s, it’s worth it.

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Rating: 8/10

Where: Shop 1009, Westfield Hornsby, Hornsby NSW.
Why: Beautifully decorated and arranged pastries, which taste as delicious as they look.
Cost: Take-away costs around $5, Dine-in around $6 per pastry. Large cakes cost above $20.
When: Mon-Wed 7:30am - 5:30pm, Thurs 7:30am - 8pm, Fri-Sat 7:30am - 6pm, Sun 8am - 5pm.

Good for kids: Yes.
Take away: Yes.



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