Peters Fish Market Sydney Fish Markets

Peters Fish Market Sydney Fish Markets

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The Peters Fish Market logo largely printed on the blue wall

In a place where people fish for great deals on seafood, so too are they looking for a good feed. Fresh seafood sit on beds of ice. Customers and cashiers raise their arms alike, signalling and pointing to what they want to purchase. Hopping onto the other side, queues stretch outside the back door as customers place their orders for hot food items. This is the atmosphere at Peter’s Fish Market.

Just a glimpse into some of the seafood available to be purchased at Peters

Sydney’s Fish Markets present an opportunity to savour and immerse oneself in fresh seafood, and vendors such as Peter’s Fish Market do exactly that, showcasing both sides to enjoying the cuisine. It’s a unique experience to be able to witness the rush of crowds as they hop from one glass display to the next, before taking a break from their seafood haul by grabbing a bite to eat.

Fresh, cold seafood platters with lobsters, oysters and cooked prawns.

High ceilings, bright white lighting and blue painted walls make up the interior of this seafood vendor inside the Waterfront Arcade, which still continues to stand after it first opened its doors in 1989. The centre of the establishment, uniquely constructed in a scattered hexagonal structure, is solely for the fresh seafood, where weight scales are distributed around the inner circle and staff members wear their navy blue shirts and aprons printed with the Peter’s Fish Market logo. Clams, mussels, and a range of other fresh Australian seafood produce can be purchased here. Peter’s Sashimi Bar adds to this seafood experience where experienced staff slice pieces of tuna, salmon and kingfish. To the right of the entrance, fridges full of frozen produce already packaged are available, as well as a shelf of condiments and sauces to accompany your seafood purchases - with the added benefit of giving ideas and inspiration for cooking.

Fresh salads to be placed as a side to accompany the hot food meals

However, it’s the BBQ Grill where the smell of grilled fish and crumbed cutlets spread around the atmosphere, reaching to the senses of hungry customers looking for a hearty feed during the lunch rush hour. Although the BBQ Grill occupies a small section of the establishment; yet the service around this area receives plenty of attention.

Approach the first window counter and you’ll discover fresh seafood platters comprised of half a lobster; a set of fresh oysters, and a few whole cooked prawns. Packed fresh scallops are also available near these platters. Continuing on with the line of cold platters, the window adjacent to the fresh seafood comprises of tubs of salads. A variety of fresh garden salads with wedges of tomatoes, mixed leaf lettuce, red and green capsicum and cubes of feta cheese make the perfect accompaniment to the seafood feeds.

All the hot food in the opposite window, with a range of fried, grilled and barbecued seafood.

The left-side of the counter displays metal trays and tubs of assorted hot food that are also accompaniments to many of the platters and meals on offer at Peter’s. Golden and crisp chips continue to be refilled as more orders are placed. Grilled baby octopus, crumbed calamari and barbecued filleted fish are tossed into the trays and wired racks, which are then immediately taken out with silver tongs, and are then arranged and presented onto black, shell-shaped platters or take-away boxes.

Peters Fish Markets Large Lobster Platter, enough to share between 34 people.

The Large Lobster Platter ($80.00) falls under the vast range of Peter’s Original Seafood Platters, and is an ideal platter large enough to feed a group of four. On a small bed of salad, this platter contains two grilled lobster halves; two blue swimmer crab halves; crumbed calamari rings; your choice of fresh prawns or crumbed prawn cutlets, seafood sticks and chunky chips. A squeeze of lemon and a squirt of tartare sauce add a punch of flavour to the seafood.

The lobster is grilled beautifully, with a texture that pulls apart nicely. Yet if you found this particular crustacean delightful in its flavour and serving, you will surely enjoy the blue swimmer crab that is also in this served as part of this platter. Unlike the lobster, the crab is cooked and flavoured with a delicious garlic butter sauce, giving off juices that also add extra flavour to the other elements of the Lobster Platter.

Half of the Jumbo Seafood Basket, featuring a range of crumbed and battered seafood.

However, if you’re after a smaller platter for a smaller group, the Jumbo Seafood Basket ($21.90), despite its name, is a perfect fit; especially for young children or those who enjoy popular battered seafood. In this particular meal, you will expect to find crumbed prawn cutlets, seafood sticks, battered fish cocktails, calamari rings and chips.

Peter’s hot meals are well prepared and cooked, ensuring the seafood is kept soft and delicate in texture. There are no signs of rubbery seafood or a soggy, oily aftertaste from the fried batter of the seafood. Rather, the battered exterior of the fish cocktails and seafood sticks, and the crumbs surrounding the calamari rings and prawn cocktails are all kept quite crisp and golden as a result of the seafood being cooked upon order.

The other half of the Jumbo Seafood Basket, with generous servings of calamari and chips.

While Peter’s Fish Market may attract you with their original and deluxe platters; they also offer to cook any seafood you have purchased from the fresh seafood vendor as you order. Therefore, you’re after the combined experience of both purchasing and grabbing a bite of fresh seafood, Peter’s Fish Market is the place to go. You’ll enjoy the atmosphere of shopping around for great deals before indulging in a small feast to end the day.

Order up Queue here for lunch at Peters Fish Market.

Rating: 8/10

Where: Shop 4 On the Waterfront Sydney Fish Market, Blackwattle Bay NSW.
Why: A combination of both shopping for seafood and ordering seafood to eat makes for a good experience. The seafood platters are also very large and well-presented, perfect for a large group of people.
Cost: Original and deluxe seafood platters range from $21.90 - $225.00. Seafood packs range from $12.50 - $21.90. Other hot food items range from $3.50 - $19.90.
When: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 6am-4:30pm, Sun 7am-4:30pm.

Good for kids: Yes, although the premises can become quite crowded, which can be problematic for parents with prams.
Take away: Yes.



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