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Arriving too early for an appointment in Dural, accompanied by two others, I walked down the streets of the small village shopping centre in Round Corner in the hope of sitting for a cuppa and refreshing ourselves. Finding a cafe open at seven at night was not as easy as we thought it to be. Most food establishments that were open were restaurants which were quite busy. We did not want to wait to be seated just for a coffee.

On our quest of finding a cafe, we spotted Pirates Grill. It seems quite simple, a walk in and walk out sort of place where there were many walking in and walking out with take away orders. The place looked clean enough and inviting for us to be seated in our somewhat fancy attire.

First when we walked into the Grill, we were not after anything to eat but seeing the delicious burger options on the menu and the delicate biscuits and sweets on display, we decided we should munch on something with our coffee.

The employee at the register was young, and gave us the vibe that she was quite new to this type of work. She was polite and obliging. After taking our order, she re-read it just to make sure she had got it all right and checked with the kitchen staff to make sure that what we ordered was available before putting the sale through.

The coffees arrived quite quickly, and so did the delicate macaron like biscuit that I ordered. The funny thing was that no one actually knew the actual name of the biscuit. When I inquired as to what it was, every one seemed puzzled. The chef poked his head from behind the partition of the kitchen and said it was a sweet pastry. I was quite happy with that 'sweet pastry' explanation, and decided to give it a try. The biscuit was not overly sweet but just right with a delightful soft centre, and went quite well with the coffee.

Sipping our coffees, we indulged in conversation while keeping a watchful eye on the clock as we had a impending important appointment. 15 minuets passed by and the Pirates Burger ($9.50) that we ordered in this fast food joint had not been served. My partner was keen to make inquiries, but I persuaded him that we should give it couple of more minutes. Ten minutes later the staff started cleaning the place to call it a day. We double checked our receipt and made sure the girl at the registry had indeed charged us for that burger. Not willing to wait any longer we approached the counter and inquired as to what the delay was. Every one of the staff present looked baffled. Upon showing our docket, they realised their mistake. After profoundly apologising, the chef whipped up our burger and chips quite quickly.

The burger surely was the best in town with fresh ingredients overflowing through two home made soft buns. The patty inside was juicy and done just right. The burger came on a bed of piping hot chips with an additional portion of chips as a offering of apology. The staff were genuinely apologetic. The delay in the burger, though a huge no no for a fast food joint was the only negative point about the Grill. A word of warning from the chef himself, patrons of Pirate's Grill, please inquire if your fast food doesn't come fast enough.

Rating: 7/10

Where: 520 Old Northern Road Dural NSW.
Why: Great burgers.
Cost: Burgers from $9.50
When: From morning through to around 8 pm.

Good for kids: Yes.
Take away: Yes.



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