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Let's take a quick geography lesson. Sicily is an island off the mainland coast of Italy; to the east of Calabria, and to the south of Naples. Even though its relationship to the mainland physically appears to be the same as Tasmania is to the rest of Australia, its rich culture from centuries past has enabled its cuisine to be more diverse by definition of being an island that was the envy of many conquests by the Greeks and the Arab lands.

In a similar respect, present day Parramatta (particularly Church St) has become a food bazaar for the Sydney's West. Therefore it is fitting that there is some Sicilian representation on this board walk to be set apart from the other Italian fare.

Enter, .

Look out for this sign on the Eastern side of Church Street

Main entrance

There is also a back entrance which leads conveniently to and from
Erby Place carpark .

Upon arriving, you will be struck by the themed decor which gives the restaurant a lovely atmosphere; making it perfect for birthdays or events; even for a casual Friday night foodie selfie. The rustic warm tones make you feel at home, giving rise to lots of conversation. There are booths available inside and out which you can request given availability. If not, the chairs are comfortably padded. High chairs are available, making this venue toddler friendly.

Back section of the restaurant. Its a hideaway from the main open plan restaurant.

If you have arranged a designated driver, you are in for a treat. The bar is well equipped to cater to your wind-down and celebratory catchup alcoholic needs. Choose from red, white and sparkling wines from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Italy. Local and imported beers are on the menu, along with ciders, aperitifs and liqueurs. Cocktails are $10 all day, with Classic cocktails such as a Long Island Iced Tea for $15.

Bar time

Take your pick from the wine wall

A nice Italian Shiraz

Other exotic non-alcoholic beverages are also on the menu to entice those kind hearted designated drivers. These include traditional Sicilian Chinotto ($5.50), fruit juices ($4.90), soft drinks ($4.50) and mocktails $10).

A great selection of mocktails 10 are available

Just like Italians, Sicilians love their pasta, and you can tell the pasta is treated with home made love in this kitchen. There are thirteen options to choose from; all main sized, and can cater to gluten free needs with a linguine option. They can also cater to celiac, lactose intolerant and any other dietary requirements that you may have.

Sicilians love their seasonal vegetables combined with meats, and this is what the menu delivers with particular attention to sauce.

If you are used to Aussie spag bol, prepare yourself. Not everyone will be able to handle the concentration of sauce with pork and beef.

Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese Make sure you have an appetite for this bowl

Everyone who loves avocado should give this a try.

Modern Fettuccini Geraldo Fettucini with prawns and chicken tenderloins tossed with sauteed garlic tomato, and shallots in a creamy avocado infused white wine sauce.

Bored of the same old pasta dishes? See what you think of this popular coastal Sicilian dish.

Sweet and fresh Aragosta and Granchio Ravioli Chefs homemade ravioli filled with lobster and crab finished with a shellfish butter sauce.

Everyone knows lasagna, however try this authentic Lasagne.

Hearty Lasagne Di Carne Homemade baked lasagne with beef rugu and grilled eggplant.

Gnocchi gets a bad reputation if it is chewy, gluey and weighed down by a heavy sauce. Thankfully, this is a great dish.

Light and fluffy Gnocchi Duck egg gnocchi with sage butter, pumpkin puree, peas and goats milk fetta

Fish "Pesce" is also popular on the menu ($28-$44), along with their woodfire pizzas ($22-$29).

Delicious Fresco Barramundi Grilled barramundi fillet with crab meat linguini, tomato, parsley and saffron butter.

There are no vegetarian options in their "Secondo" Mains menu ($33-$44) - therefore if you are in the mood for one; try the "Risotto Vegetariano" ($25.90) which uses arborio rice, enoki butter mushrooms, roast pumpkin, onion, spinach, garlic and chilli, cooked in a vegetable broth hinted with truffle oil.

"Insalata" or salads start at $17, and if you are feeling peckish before your meals, choose something from the entrées ($12-$16), antipasti ($6-$26) or woodfire crusts ($16-18). All portion sizes are decent, not too overdone or even underdone.

Sadly the dessert menu ($6-$34) is not as extensive as the rest. That does not mean the quality is compromised. However, with the rest of the Parramatta bazaar waiting outside, the Sicilian would prosper from experimenting with more than a nutella pizza ($14).

From beginning to the end of the group dinner session on a busy Friday night, the staff were friendly, helpful and tried their best to cater to the needs of a group of eight women keen to try Italian or rather the Sicilian twist of the popular cuisine.

Rating: 7/10

Where: 292 Church St, Parramatta NSW
Why: For a decent modern Italian dining in a themed setting.
Cost: Entrées start from $12, Pastas (main sized) from $21, Mains from $33, Woodfire pizzas from $22. $10 Lunch specials available on weekdays.
When: Open 7 days 11am till late

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes


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