Sienna On Forest Lugarno

Sienna On Forest Lugarno

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Sienna On Forest

Lugarno is a quiet, friendly, leafy and well-heeled suburb in the south of Sydney. It’s quiet because once you get there, there’s nowhere else to go. The only way out is the way you came in - Forest Road.

So while you’re there, you might as well pop in to a café for a coffee and snack.

Plenty of seats outside

One of those perfect places to pop in to is Sienna On Forest - a small café with more seating outside than in. It’s located at the Riverwood end of the largest group of shops in Lugarno, however, as you need to drive in from the far end, you have to double back to get to it. Confused?

Its at one end of the Lugarno shops

At Sienna, the service is friendly without being saccharine sweet. There seems to be a never-ending stream of regulars calling across the tables like old friends.

Inside they have a small display of sweets, including cannoli, macarons and éclairs with Sienna written on them - cute touch.

The engine room

I went mid-morning and got the breakfast menu. I get the feeling that their specialty is the bacon and egg roll. However, one thing stood out for me, and that was the cinnamon and ricotta crepes with maple syrup and strawberries ($11.50). I also ordered my usual large flat white ($4.50 - why is a coffee in the suburbs a dollar more than in the city?).

I sat outside, noticing that the tables were on a slant. I naturally chose to sit on the high end of my table. So why were the regulars sitting on the low end? Was the view better? I was soon to discover why.

Get the cinnamon and ricotta crepes

My coffee followed not long after by my plate of crepes. Looked good too. Not too much maple, together with plenty of strawberries, although it’s not high season for them, so they were a bit small and not too sweet. There was plenty of hot ricotta in the crepes; perhaps a little too much (there’s a first world problem if ever I’ve heard one).

Nice breakfast

Now I think I discovered why people sit on the lower side. The maple syrup runs down the plate and away from the crepes. Instead of pulling the crepe towards me, I was pushing it away so it would soak up the maple syrup. Problems, problems!

Thats a good looking coffee

The coffee was quite good. I always like to see that little bit of extra love from the barista with the nice pattern in the froth. Lets me know I’m in the hands of a caring coffee maker.

Rating: 8/10

Where: 1/10-12 Forest Road Lugarno NSW
Why: It's a good cafe
Cost: Average
When: Open daily 6am - 4pm

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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