Single Origin Roasters Surry Hills

Single Origin Roasters Surry Hills

Posted 2013-11-15 by Bwongfollow
Welcome to the world of the quality brew, right at Surry Hills. Close to Central station too.

When it comes to coffee, the most important component of a great cup is not necessarily the beans. While they do play a large part in flavour, depth and roundness - the barista plays just as much a significant player than the beans themselves. This brings me to doors of the well-known Single Origin Roasters of Surry Hills.

A beautiful cup of heaven

Lord knows I’m not the biggest coffee drinker, considering my low tolerance and hypersensitivity to caffeine - meaning that I search out the best when I’m on the hunt during coffee o’clock so to speak. There is nothing worse in this world than burnt coffee, and it is such a sad realisation to see that 85% of cafes destroy the beautiful roundness of a fantastic cup of coffee. But I ask cafes this: Is it really that hard to not burn coffee? What are they teaching people at barista courses, if there are so many bad coffees out there. What’s worse is that we can walk away without a complaint, because we’ve become so accustomed to the burnt bitter taste that we think it is the norm. I certainly thought so until I had my first cup of unburnt coffee when I was 19, and realised I had been living the unnecessarily deceptive world of bitter and bleak coffee.

The magicians at work

My first memory of coffee comes from my childhood, when my dad used to make a cup of instant coffee every morning. I remember stealing a sip behind his back - when I was about five, and remembering how horribly sharp and harshly bitter the jet-black ink tasted. It’s an absolute travesty to have grown up surrounded with such poor experiences of coffee, and we need to educate society on what real coffee should taste like.

A flat white full of flavour how coffee should always be

I’ve been drinking coffee from the Surry Hills establishment for the last three years or so, and every time I grab a cup to either go or sit in - it’s always the same story. Speedy super friendly service, and top notch coffee every time. My coffee is never burnt, and you can actually taste the various notes in the beans depending on what the blend is. They change the blends every few weeks, and also have their own house and featured blends of the month.

Others enjoying a quality brew as equally as me

Expect a crowd, whether you decide to sit in or grab one on the run. This place is always bustling, and for great reason: these guys know how to make a great cup of coffee worth paying for.

Rating: 10/10

Where: 60-64 Reservoir Street Surry Hills NSW
Why: For one of the best cups of coffee in town
Cost: $3.50-5 for coffee and other drinks. Breakfast ranges from $4.50-$16, and lunch from $15.
When: Whenever it's coffee-o'clock for you.
Good for kids: The menu is catered more to young adults.
Take away: Conveniently located next door to the sit in cafe.



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